My 4th Ultrasound

April 17, 2015

This is an emergency ultrasound and I did not intend or planned to do it. I am on my 34th weeks and 2 days pregnancy when I felt my stomach really hurts and my baby keeps on moving non-stop for 5 hours. I got worried because my husband told me that one of his colleague had an incident like this before. She ignored her baby which keeps on moving inside that time. When the baby stopped moving for almost half a day, she went to a doctor for check-up. They found out that baby was strangled by the umbilical cord. So I took an early logout in our office and went to SM Megamall for the ultrasound. I didn't rush myself to the hospital because that will be a lot more expensive than having an ultrasound. I know that it is not the time for me to give birth. My husband accompanied me that time who is more worried than me. While waiting for the ultrasound, I also list myself for OB-Gyne check up in that clinic. The doctor told me that if baby keeps on moving it's a good sign, it means he/she is happy. She checked me very well, asked a lot of details and it seems nothing to worry about. I was about to reimburse or cancel the ultrasound since the fee for check-up cost P700. That's too much for me. (The price of ultrasound is P715.) But they told me they do not allow reimbursement so we just wait for my turn.

The sonographer told me that everything seems normal. What I like the most today is that the sonographer let me see my baby in a 3D way without a charge. I don't know why but maybe because she likes that my baby is very active. When she called my husband, she let us see our baby's face using 3D and he's so cute. The doctor noticed his cute chin and chubby cheeks. We noticed his long legs and arms. That time is so overwhelming like I want to stop the clock and just look on my baby all day and all night. Our excitement burst on it's highest level that we can't wait for him to come out. The only minor problem that the doctor see in the scan is that our baby is 1 week bigger which is still acceptable.

We really can't wait for our baby. I am hoping for a normal delivery and negative result in newborn screening. Hoping when that day will come, everything will be fine.