My Baby's First

First Smile

Babies are expert in smiling while sleeping. I really wonder if they are dreaming. Some people says an angel is playing with the baby when he's smiling :)

First Smile He's Awake

This is actually a video and I just capture it. It was an amazing feeling when your baby looks at you and smile :)

First Visit to the Doctor

Two weeks after giving birth, the Pediatrician will advise you to bring the baby for consultation. This is the only shot I had because my husband is not really fond of taking pictures.

First Check Up in Health Center

This is actually for immunization. Health Centers in every Barangay provide free vaccines and this will really help mothers to save thousands of money. You just have to be really patient with the workers because they are sometimes harsh.

First Visit to his Great Grandmother

My lola is living in Montalban. My mother is planning to visit her that day and since I am really bored, we joined her along with my baby. I also wanted her to see my baby. I know she can't wait to see her first great grandson.

First Nail Cut

I just felt that I need to cut his nails because they're very long. However, it wasn't really easy to cut his nails even he was asleep because they're too soft. You need to be extra careful with that.

First Month

Celebrating his first month, but as you can see he is so asleep. The cake was bought from Tous les Jours Megamall.

First Terno Cloth

This terno clothes serves as our gift on his first month. Actually they are two pairs of onesie, mitten and sock. The other pair is on the right side. I can also say that these are the first clothes we bought for him. We found this in 3rd floor Department Store, Megamall.

First Try of Pacifier

This is also one of our gift for him on his first month. We bought this to avoid giving him milk and spilling it because babies love to suck. It also avoided him to spit or vomit because of too much milk intake. We choose Avent because this is our trusted brand when it comes to his bottle, and plastic nipples. This one is also glow in the dark.

First Thanksgiving

Pasalamat is also known as Thanksgiving Day to us member of Iglesia Ni Cristo. This one is intended for children. There is also another one intended for adults. We do this every Mid-year and Year-end. That day is also my birthday. I'm happy that I didn't have a hard time bringing him to our church. I thought he will do a lot of crying but unexpectedly he did a lot of sleeping.

First Visit in Taguig

My cousin who lives in Taguig asked my mother to bring my baby. They went to Market Market and bought him clothes from Bugs and Kelly Kids Wear. It was so kind of her to buy him clothes.

First Time He Discover His Hands

Babies at 2 months will learn to bring their hands in front and suck their fingers.

First Birthday Attended

August 22nd, we attended Jan Sohan's first birthday at Jollibee Fort Bonifacio. We met my husband long time no see college friends. That was really a fun day. I love our photo booth shots :)

First Roll Over

September 5th was his original date of first roll over, this is only the good shots I got. He's quite "kumukulit" na and "lumilikot."

First Time He Discover His Feet

I've seen him doing this a lot and changing nappies or clothes is getting harder and harder. Sometimes he suck his toes.

First Fun Photoshoot

This is not a real or pro photoshoot. We are invited to Cozy's 2nd birthday which is my cousin's cat last September 19th at Taguig. She set up the balloons for her cat. When we arrived, she placed my baby and start taking photos. We enjoyed doing it and I'm thinking for her to do my son's pre-birthday photoshoot.

First Step with Walker

This is our gift for him on his 5th month. I know it's a bit early but my baby really loves to walk at his early age. My husband told me that his elder sister used to be like my baby. 9 months her sister knows how to walk. I'm hoping baby will be like her. Imagine a little child walking without support. That's so cute.