Making Time For Myself at Mommy Mundo Mindful Mom Retreat

Events 8:12:00 PM
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Another thing I love is we take home a bag of treats. Thank you, Mommy Mundo Janice Villanueva and to their generous sponsors. I got a chance to have a short chitchat with mommy Janice and she's approachable, kind and sweet. I hope I meet her again someday. She's been one of the people I look up to.

As soon as I arrive home, I checked the bag and I am so happy for all the treats that I got. I felt like a kid who receives a present.

I will alway remember in my heart all the things I learned from this workshop. I believe it will help me throughout my motherhood journey.

Event: Mommy Mundo
Conductor: Michele Alignay
Stylist: Oomph Styling
Venue: Edsa Shangrila Hotel
Giveaway Bags: Monogram Style Philippines

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