Aveeno Baby Calming Comfort Bath Review

I used several baby bath products for my son which I enumerated in my post baby bath essentials review. I decided to stick with Cetaphil Baby products because it helps to keep my baby's skin soft and smooth. However, my minor problem is the availability of this product. It's always out of stock in any supermarket that I go. I am seeing the Aveeno Baby bath wash several times and I am fascinated with this brand, so I thought why not give it a try.

AVEENO® Baby CALMING COMFORT® Bath contains scents of lavender and vanilla. When combined with a warm bath, it is clinically shown to calm and comfort your fussy baby before bedtime. Formulated with ACTIVE NATURALS® Oat Extract, this rich lathering cleanser helps retain moisture and soothe your baby's delicate skin, leaving it feeling clean, soft and healthy. The tear-free, soap-free formula cleanses without drying and is gentle enough for babies' sensitive skin. This is according to Aveeno.com. Oatmeal baths have long been recommended for people with a variety of sensitive skin conditions, providing a soothing, comforting effect while enhancing the protective barrier. The texture of colloidal oatmeal along with beneficial components such as proteins, lipids, and saponins make it well suited for use in moisturizers, cleansing soaps, and other products that help clean, soothe, and protect the skin.

What I love is....

1. It smells so good which is why my baby feels so relaxed when taking a bath.
2. After using it, my baby's skin got fairer, smoother and softer than his previous baby wash.
3. It's tear-free, soap-free cleanser gentle enough for babies’ sensitive skin.
4. In just a little drop, I can get enough amount to bathe my baby's body. I've been using it for a month now and I'm not feeling a need of replacing it by now.

What I don't like is...

1. The bottle package is hard to squeeze.
2. Scent don't last long unlike my baby's previous baby wash.
3. It's a bit expensive than the products that I tried. I bought this for P344.

Overall, I love this product and I really hope, the supermarket near our place will always have a stock of this.


  1. We used Cetaphil too when my son was still in toddler years but haven't tried Aveeno Bath products. I'm using Aveeno lotion. :)

  2. I haven't tried this product before.. I always use johnsons.. Mahal sya huh?

  3. i LOVE aveeno products both for me and my daughter. their scents are love!

  4. My baby is also using the new Cetaphil Baby. I've noticed though that it isn't still available in S&R where we usually have our grocery. Even Trinoma landmark and SM still do not have stocks. If I still can't find some, balik Kami sa Cetaphil. I saw this afternoon when we had our quick trip at SM North Edsa department store, the regular Cetaphil is parang buy two take 1 free or take 1 at a discounted price. Still it's great savings. But might as well try Aveeno. Thanks for this.

  5. We are using the JnJ baby wash in blue variant for a year now. Planning to use other brand pero wala pa ko napupusuan, I might give this a try. Thanks for sharing dear :)

  6. We've tried Lactacyd, J&J Milk Bath and Nivea. So far Nivea works for us but we could try Aveeno to compare. Wala pa naman kaming final choice. It's just that antagal maubos ng nivea. :) but this one's pricey nga. Hope it's worth it.

  7. I haven't tried any Aveeno products but I sometimes use baby bath when my skin gets too sensitive due to my hormone imbalance.

  8. Aveeno products are really quite pricey but really worth it. I bought one of their skin products before, and I really liked it.

  9. Aveeno baby products are good to go say for baby calming eczema & more

  10. Just started with Aveeno baby as it launched a week back here in India. And yes the bottle is a bit hard to squeeze but all in all we really like it!