What Makes Me So Busy Right Now

Hi! I know it's been a while since I made a blogpost and I want to share with you what makes me so busy this past few days. Well actually, I'm not that really busy you know. Sorry medyo magulo ako. I stopped attending events for now since we are having financial problem pa so ayoko makadagdag sa problema plus I am really having a hard time looking for a perfect blog template. Finally, this one satisfied me. If you are a blogger user, and you also like this kind of look then download Eclair from Sora templates. Click here to be redirected. Don't worry because it's free.

I really can't make a blogpost when I am not inspired with how it looks. Is it only me or you feel the same way? But anyway, I've been very busy watching makeup tutorials and checking cosmetic reviews as well skin care products. I'm not a vain person. I used to when I am still what you call "single lady" but when I got pregnant, napabayaan ko yung sarili ko. My shape, my skin, my face. I think my whole body. I don't know pero siguro main factor is tamad ako, plus ang dami ko ng iniisip and responsibilities unlike before so I tend to neglect myself.

I don't use heavy makeups before. I only have press powder and lipstick though I always get excited to buy new makeup kapag may sale. I don't have pimples or acne, but I have dark spots. Minimal lang. My friend always says that I have closed pores. So basically, I have good skin. That was BEFORE. NOW I have pimple marks, open pores, blackheads, whiteheads, dark spots etc. It's a sign of aging I think. Nakakafrustrate. When I joined The Make Up Revolution PH, I learned a lot from simple remedies to different type of cosmetics. Gosh! ang dami ko palang di alam. From primer, to foundation, contour, highlighter, bronzer, matte lipstick, matte finish, oily combination and so on and so forth.

Sa ngayon magiipon muna ako ng makeup at brushes. Hopefully maachieve ko ang look na gusto ko dahil kilay pa lang hirap na ako. If you want to know some of good reviews and help in beautifying yourself, join make up revolution group in facebook and I'm sure marami kang matutunan. They are selling brand new and pre-loved products too.

One of everyday look na gusto ko maachieve is the Georgina Wilson Look by Bing Castro. Check her video below. Other beauty vloggers that you may like are Anne Clutz and Say Tioco Artillero.

Do you have any comment or opinion? Your thoughts are welcome and highly appreciated. Thanks for reading.


  1. Looks like you are having a lot of fun. And that is surely more important and it is good it is keeping you busy