Dessert Buffet by The Royal Chimney (Golden Warriors Theme)

"Dessert is like a feel-good song and the best ones make you dance" according to Chef Edward Lee. Dessert buffet can be one of the main attraction in every birthday party. I mean who don't like chocolate and sweet treats right? This make us all excited, which is why choosing a supplier is a bit crucial.

I've known The Royal Chimney but never had a chance to hire them for a party. Then my son's birthday happen. Take a look at our dessert buffet. It has chocolate truffles, donut pops, brownies, chocolate coated oreos, chocolate fudge cookies with nutella filling, 3 kinds of candies, yogurt sticks, mallow pops, and lemon gelatine shots.

I don't know why, but it's quite hard to find a basketball birthday party inspiration on internet which really gives me headache for the past few weeks. I mean there are few blogs but most of them are in color red, orange or black. I wanted to have something blue because it's our favorite color. Good thing, I hired The Royal Chimney and they did the dessert buffet I really wanted.

Well, the only thing I least likely in our dessert buffet is the cake. Originally, that should be a 2-layer cake but I thought trying a cupcake tower with one layer cake on top. I didn't know she would split the cupcakes into two tower. Aside from that, I love everything about it even my guest take home some of it. I love the cupcakes too because it's red velvet and I like how she customized it.

One of my favorite decoration is this chalkboard standee made by my cousin. For the materials, I bought a large cardboard from National Bookstore, chalkboard sticker from Invitation House (4th Floor Fashion Hall Megamall) and Uni Posca Chalkboard pens (P270.00 each) at National Bookstore.

Calligraphy has been popular nowadays so you don't need to buy this one from Etsy. If you are looking for a calligrapher, I will suggest Jane Palma. She's very talented.

You may contact The Royal Chimney through it's facebook page. The owner is very kind and patient. She's very professional. Hope you guys enjoyed this post.

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