Our Scrumptious Lunch at Kuya J Restaurant

I told my husband that our anniversary as a couple is approaching, and ask if he has any plans. He said none and I'm not expecting any either, but on that exact day, he texted me to meet him after my shift and have lunch with him. That simple gesture really melt my heart and feel so kilig.

He loves to stick with Filipino food anywhere we eat, he always like that and unli-rice of course so I decided to try Kuya J since we almost tried all the restaurants with unli-rice in Megamall (Tokyo-Tokyo, Mang Inasal, Hainanese Delight and Abe).

He agreed with me, and head straight to the restaurant because he only have 1 hour break so there's a need to rush. If you will ask why not dinner? I am working at night and he works at daylight so there's a conflict in our schedule. Anyway, we didn't have a hard time looking for table because the staff accompanied us and prepared it for us.

I heard their Crispy Pata is so good, so we ordered their best seller and Kuya J's signature dish along with Sinigang na Bangus because it's his favorite dish. We don't order too much because we know their serving is huge and will end up so full. We waited for about 20 minutes.

Regular Kuya J's Crispy Pata (P490)
Sinigang sa Bangus (P240)
Their unlimited rice cost P60 and I had 3 rice and my husband had 4. (You know now why I'm getting fat). This meal was the heaviest meal I eaten so far. Compare with my buffet experience, I can literally say I felt pregnant again after eating at this restaurant. Maybe because of their rice serving but anyway, we still have leftover dishes so we ask the staff to take the food and it serves as our dinner at home.

If you would like to take a peak of their menus. check the photos below.

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Overall, I am satisfied with our meal but I can't say that there is a unique taste on their food from other Filipino Restaurant. Maybe we can try their other dish. One thing, I am surprise with is there's no service charge. Yeah, you read it right, there's no service charge and I don't know why. Pardon me for not taking photos of their interior decoration, because it's a bit crowded. Anyway, I really recommend this place for family gathering, reunion, date or any type of simple occasion because their food is great in a reasonable price, excellent service and this restaurant is expanding nationwide.