What You Need To Do If Your BDO ATM Card Was Stolen/Lost?

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Recently, I got some problem with my stolen ATM card. My wallet was robbed while me and my husband was waiting to take a bus. There are a lot of people squeezing each other, waiting their turn to get a bus then suddenly I felt my bag was touched and as I checked, my wallet was taken. He got all my money and my precious cards (I mean ID's and collection of membership card). It was really nerve wracking to be in that situation. I hate those kind of people.

Anyway, moving forward, I have to process a card replacement so let me give you the step by step procedure which I personally did. (Remember this is for BDO account holder).


This is the first thing you need to do. As soon as possible call BDO Customer Contact Center and request them for card blocking. Inform them that your card is lost or stolen. Their phone number is (+632)631-8000. Click here for domestic and international toll-free numbers.

2. TALK TO YOUR HR (if you are employed)

Ask your company's HR what are the steps you need to do if your card was stolen or lost. There are HR companies who will process your application for card replacement, so better ask them about this.


Unfortunately, our HR don't process this kind of application, which is why I need to do it for myself. Go to your company's branch (for payroll account) or issuing branch (for savings account holder) and file an affidavit of loss. NOTE: Please don't forget to bring any valid ID.

     3.a. In case you need to withdraw your money first before filing an affidavit of loss, there's a charge of P100 and you need to present 2 valid ID, atleast 1 government ID.


You will need to fill out the form and find a notary public near the place. I had my form notarized at DHL Makati Ave. for P104. It will only take 5-10 minutes.


After notarizing your affidavit, file it at your issuing/branch account. There is additional fee of P120 for card replacement. It will take 2-3 working days until you got your new ATM card.


a. If your ATM card is a payroll account, you won't be able to withdraw your money over the counter unless, you withdraw it at your branch account.
b. Don't forget to bring valid IDs and money for filing affidavit of loss. It's not FREE even if your card was stolen.
c. I highly suggest to enroll your card for online banking to manage your savings/income online.
d. Change your card's pin as soon as you get it.
e. Your card will be activated within 24 hours.

Thanks for reading, comment down below if you have any questions.

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  1. The worst hassle of being a victim of holdap is the IDs and the ATMs. I'm glad BDO has double password policy. Just make sure the phone was not stolen too!

  2. Losing a debit/credit card is one of my worst nightmares. These are some great steps you can take!

  3. Oh my losing your cards are the worst! :/ Including the hassle of contacting your local bank to have them cut the old one and replace it with a new one. Definitely a practical must-read for everyone! :)

  4. I also have BDO ATM card. I wish it connected to your online banking so you can transfer the funds to your another account to make it safe, especially when branch are not available.

  5. Too bad to hear that. It was worst to lost even the valid ID's. At least, we now know what to do first after the lost card. This post is very helpful.

  6. Thanks but whatever happens to my bank account i immediately call my bank and report

  7. Nice post! Gawd Im sorry for the stolen wallet though. Don't worry there are more blessings to come. Thanks for the useful info.

  8. This is so helpful. I also have a bdo atm and your article gave a detailedstep by step process. I think it's better than calling the customer service and waiting in long lines.

  9. I think it will really be a hassle if someone loses his card. These instructions are totally helpful for everyone.

  10. My mom experience the same thing.. not with BDO but with BPI.. her wallet was stolen and all her cards where in there... I'm not sure what she did but it took awhile before she get the replacement and I still remember how stress she was .. worrying that her funds were all taken and withdrawn ... good thing the amount was retrieve

  11. Lost my wallet before and therefore all my cards. It was very stressful getting them all replaced. Anyway, thanks for detailing this.

  12. I always take 3 wallets with me whenever I travel, one full of my 'actual money', one full of my valid ids and one of my savings ATM card. In that case, I'll still have my IDs hopefully when a snatcher attempts to steal my wallet. hopefully anyway hahaha!

  13. The procedure is almost the same for different banks, sans the fees (BDO have fees that competitor banks don't charge)

  14. Thankfully I have never experienced this kind of situation. But in the case of bad circumstances at least I know just what to do. Thanks for sharing!

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  16. What I hate about this process is that I had to go through a going back and forth with our bdo main brach to our city hall to get an affidavit of lost! So frustrating

  17. Question, afyer blockig the card, should i go to the issuing branch to file an unnotarized affidavit of loss first before notarizing it?

    1. Yes. You need to go to the BDO first before notarizing it.