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I'm a pizza lover. I even worked in Pizza company way back before because I want to know how they are made. So when I got a chance to attend a pizza food tasting event, hell yes, I didn't hesitate.

Steveston Pizza named from one of the village in Vancouver Canada and did you know that Steveston Pizza holds the Most Expensive Pizza in Guinness World of Record? Nader Hadami (owner) created a $850 (P40,000) worth of pizza packed with tiger prawns, lobster ratatouille, smoked Chilean steelhead, Russian caviar and a blanketing of white Italian truffles. That's really a very expensive pizza. Steveston Pizza Philippines is the official licensee of Steveston Pizza Canada.


They have three branches here in the Philippines, UP Town Center, Tomas Morato and Circuit Lane. This year of July they opened a new branch at Corinthian Garden Clubhouse in the populous Quezon City. Packed with high-speed wifi and strong mobile connectivity, the restaurant is the perfect place for busy college students or freelancers looking to get their work done without perky distractions.

Me and my college friend/bloggerfriend Amor of
I'm loving every corner and space of this restaurant. The place is well-cleaned, not overdecorated, has ideal conditioning system, convenient parking space, and relaxing ambiance. Though the location is quite hard to find, it's still worth of your visit. But like what the Canadian Ambassador Neil Reeder said during the opening, "The luckiest people right now are the 600 residents of (Corinthian) village who get to walk the street and have this pizza."


Marguerite Zero
This is not your ordinary pizza. Look how enormous it's size. Steveston Pizza offers 30 variants of one size, 12 inches pizza with toppings described as abundant, fully loaded and overflowing. Marguerite Zero topped with roasted garlic, anchovies, sweet caramelized onions, capers and argula. This perfectly seasoned delicacy is slathered only the freshest tomatoes, giving it a feisty burst of flavor as the anchovies and mozarella cheese create a mouthwatering contrast of salty and savoury. Cost of pizza is P499.

In photo: Richard Go (CEO); credit Business Mirror
Aside from Marguerite Zero, Mr. Richard Go offered us the 4 best sellers pizzas. All their pizzas use premium and fresh ingredients, no processed food, no condiments needed plus crust is fluffy and chewy. Which is why they are unique with other Pizza restaurant. Mr. Go said they are raising the bar for preparing pizzas and their strategy is different from other similar players. They prepare their pizza one at a time so it's not commercial. They prepare it only when the customer order and then they have a sequence of layering the different ingredients with perfect balance and harmony.

I was a bit late so I didn't get some decent shot of pizzas. My excitement to taste all the pizzas was all over the place, so I took the nearest one which is Blue packed with rosemary smoked bacon, honey-glzed yam, fresh pineapple and feta cream sauce. If you're not a fan of blue cheese, this is not for you. It's prize is P899.

Credit: Claire of
One of my favorite is Princess. It is in a list of the world's most accurately named platters. Embellished with the finest crab meat, tiger prawns, and shrimp, the crustacean combo sparks a seafood explosion at the very tip of your tounge. With it's tantalizing salty taste, it's no wonder why everyone's bowing down to this majestic meal. Prize: P1899.

When it comes to pizza I want to have lots of meat so this Caveman goes to my top pizzas of all the pizza I've ever tasted. Loaded with pepperoni, genoa salmon, back bacon, lean beef, and capocolli, it's pretty much impossible not to give in to the animal in you when this meat mania is practically begging to be your next victim. Prize of pizza is P899.

Credit: zomato
Japanese pizza packed with wasabi-scented teriyaki chicken breast, enoki-mushroos, and sesame seaweed (no tomato sauce). Cost of pizza: P899.


They also offer beverage, coffee, apple cider, and tea perfect for any type of pizza they have.

Mocha Coffee P129; Mango Passion Smoothie

Mocha Hazelnut Smoothie: Salted Caramel Smoothie

Don't forget to order their icecream. They have one of the best flavors of icecream. Not too sweet, perfect balance of flavor, and made from fresh and natural ingredients. I love all of them but I guess my favorite is salted caramel, avocado and mocha.

Home made icecream. Salted caramel-Matcha Tea-Mocha; Avocado-Langka-Strawberry


Overall, I went home satisfied especially my tummy. If you are tired eating the same pizza flavor (we always order at mall or store), I highly recommend Steveston Pizza. Price-wise, it's a lot expensive than the other competitor but the quality, taste, appearance, and serving is worth every centavos. Visit them on one of their 3 branches.

Steveston Pizza

Corinthian Gardens Clubhouse 1110, Quezon City
UP Town Center, Katipunan Ave, Diliman, Quezon City
Circuit Makati, Fortuna, Makati
Delivery Number: (02) 423-9844
Facebook: Steveston Pizza
Instagram: Steveston Pizza

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