Prince Diaries: Bowman Bear Hair Salon Review

Having my son's haircut has been struggle for us because he doesn't like his hair or head being touched and I think he's not comfortable with the buzzing sound of razor, but we still trying to convince him he needs a haircut atleast once every two-three months.

I blogged our experience of his first haircut at Cuts4Tots Salon and we're happy with the result. At first he's quiet but later on he started to cry. After that incident he's very hysterical when cutting his hair. Sobrang pahirapan na siya pagupitan. Parents ko ang sumasama sa kaniya at nagpapagupit kaya naikukuwento lang sa amin kung gaano kahirap pagupitan si Prince.

Medyo hassle samen magpabalik balik sa Megamall para lang sa haircut so I look for alternative place to for my son's haircut. Kung convenient, budget-wise at location lang paguusapan, pwede na sa mga barber shops sa tabi tabi kaso medyo iritable ang mga barbers kapag yung giunugupitan nila eh malikot. Unlike with hair salon for kids they are trained for this.

So I found this Bowman Bear through internet and asked my husband if we can try it. Mas malapit siya compared sa Cuts4Tots na nasa Megamall. I think the only difference of Bowman Bear to Cuts4Tots is they offer more services like spa for children.

Getting ready for the haircut.

He looked a bit scared.

Before the haircut.

I'm so proud of my baby! He's so behave while having his haircut. He didn't cry or even shed a tear.

This is his after look! So pogi! While waiting for his papa with his haircut, Prince enjoyed playing inside. Plus factor for all parents to distract their kids.

This is the Bowman Bear Barber Shop for men. The place looks really relaxing. My husband told me he almost fell asleep.

Check the Bowman Bear Hair Salon rates for kids.

They also gave us this small cards so we can have it stamped everytime we will visit the salon. They said it doesn't have expiration so if we completed it, they'll get free haircuts.

Overall! We are satisfied with the service and might be coming back if Prince needed a haircut again. It's a bit expensive though they have similar rates with Cuts4Tots. We paid ₱350.00 for Prince's haircut and ₱250.00 for my husband's haircut.

Unit 030, Main Wing Shangri - La Plaza, Edsa Corner 
Shaw Boulevard, Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong City
IG: @bowman.bear


  1. cute cute nung salon very pambata! :)

    Anyway, I'm giving away a mermaid tail blanket! You might want to join in. :)

    xoxo, rae


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