Gardenia Baon and Snack Ideas

I made a separate blogpost about our visit at Gardenia plantation. If you would like to read about it click here. In this post, I'll share baon ideas we learned from the workshop. These are all super easy and less ingredients, plus less cooking.


Gardenia Toasties
Milk Powder
Polvoron Molder
Cellophane for wrapper (optional)

First smash Toasties until it become small crumbs.

Put the toasties crumbs and add the butter.

Add sugar and milk powder. Mix them and taste it until you get the right texture and flavor.

Put the toasties polvoron to molder and then push it out. You can wrap it using a cellophane. A simple and super easy snack or pang-baon.

Ham and Cheese Pinwheel

Gardenia Loaf Bread
Cooked Ham
Cheese cut into big strips
Rolling Pin (Optional)
Clean board

First we need to flatten the bread using a rolling pin or you can use your hands if you don't have a rolling pin.

Put some mayonnaise.

Put on the cooked ham and add cheese.

Then roll it. You can cut them to a sushi shape if you prefer it like a finger food. My son loves this and might do this regularly at home.

Twiggies Pop Cakes

Gardenia Twiggies Yellow Cake
Condensed Milk
Gardenia Delicia Hazelnut Spread
Sprinkles and Marshmallow (You may use your desired toppings)
Small stick

Dahil medyo nagmamadali na kami niyan ni bagets na matapos kasi super tired na siya, hindi ko na nakuhanan ng pics yung iba. So the instruction is:

First smash Twiggies in the bowl.
Add the condensed milk.
Form it into a small ball and put the stick. It should looks like a lollipop.
Dip or coat it using the chocolate/hazelnut filling.
Top it with sprinkles or marshmallow.

Dahil hindi ko na mapigilan si bagets na kainin, ayan lang ang picture ko. Hahaha :D Promise gustong gusto niya to. Super easy diba? No need to cook or bake. Just mix the ingredients.

I hope you liked all these baon and snack ideas. All ingredients are available in supermarket. Thanks for dropping by!