Cultivating Kid's Talent at Moose Playcamp 2018

I received an invitation from Moose Gear about their summer playcamp at SM Dasmarinas, Cavite and I didn't hesitate to participate my son. It's a 4 hour fun-filled workshop teaching the kids to sing, dance and model by the professionals.

Moose Gear is a popular brand for kids here in the Philippines. I always hear this brand name sponsoring celebrity kids and sometimes major sponsor of a popular tv network. Whenever we shop clothes for my son, I checked Moose Gear outlet or store because it's one of my trusted brand when it comes to my son's OOTD. It's very comfortable to wear, stylish, fashionable, plus the fabric last long.

These are some photos while waiting for the program to start. Some stolen shots of Prince and Draco.

There are 3 categories at the playcamp, (1) Modelling, (2) Singing/Voice Lesson, (3) Dance Lesson.

After an almost 1 hour of workshop, kids are now ready to showcase their talents and make their parents proud.

The first group are kids who joined the dance workshop. You may watched the video I took from the event.

After the kids enjoyed dancing on stage, a celebrity kid joined us at the Playcamp to greet all the kids and parents.

Raikko Mateo entertained the participants and parents by singing and dancing. He's very charming and adorable. After his performance, the singing group had prepared themselves to conquer the stage.

Then before we jump to the last group which is modelling, Ashley Sarmiento of Going Bulilit showcased her talent as well by singing and playing ukelele.

She's very pretty and talented. No wonder she's part of Goin Bulilit show. Actually she's nice because after my son model on stage, she approached him, shake his hand and high five. Same with Raikko. Then last but not the least, watched how kids model on stage.

If you're looking for my son on that video, let me share you a short clip of my son's modelling with other kids and his mentor.
If you will see, he stayed on stage because he though he's going to sing like how Raikko performed on stage. Prince just turned 3 years old by the way that day and I know he didn't fully understand yet what he's doing but I'm actually so happy and proud of him that time. His walk and pose might be that simple, but this is a big step to build up his confidence and self-esteem.After that, they chose a winner for best OOTD from the audience and the kids went home with free apparel from Moose Gear and Moose Girl.
Then Raikko and Ashley shared how they pick their clothes and what's their favorite OOTD's from Moose Gear. Before the participants went home, they get a chance to take a picture with the celebrity kids for the meet and greet.

My son looks really distracted. Hahahaha :D Overall, we enjoyed the Moose Playcamp. I actually felt like a VIP person that day so thank you so much Moose Gear.

Just some keypoints to improve. I hope they group the kids according on their age so they can also do proper activities base on their capabilities. Of course those kids ages 6-12 years old are more capable on following instructions unlike those 3-5 years old. I noticed, younger kids get easily distracted and bored because they don't fully understand what's happening in their surroundings. Example, older kids can do the dancing with a very slight difficulty on the steps while toddlers can do basic steps like Baby Shark dance which is very popular with kids. 

And for the parents, style your kids as if they are kids. I saw a young girl wearing t-shirt but the mother wanted to show her belly button so she fold it up. It will not make your child attractive by doing that. Let them be kids. I know we want them to be fashionable but there are more ways than wearing micro skirt and small blouses. By the way, this is only my opinion. You may agree or disagree on this.

I believe Moose Gear do this Playcamp every year so if you were not able to join this year (because this is their last leg) make sure to like their page or other social media accounts to get an update. I hope you also enjoyed this post and will end it with our #famfie.