My First Crayola Play Date

Color has an important role in our life and colors are one of the basic lessons our child can learn. My son knew basic like red, green, yellow and blue before he turns 1 year old. I let him use any types of coloring materials before he turns 2 and now he loves coloring. It's one of the activity he looks forward to at home.

Last April we got an invite from Crayola to have a Play Date. It includes, Circle Time: music and movement activity, storytelling activity and art activity. The said activity was lead by Teacher Jenni Daez, a pre-school teacher at UP Child Development Center.

Parents also learned that there are 3 stages  of hand grip. Stage 1 Scribble. Embrace Their Scribbles. Babies can't make recognizable pictures, so don't rush their development. Each stage of creative development will come in time. Enjoy your child's growing confidence and skill.

Crayola recommends their Egg Shape Palm Grip Crayon for hand/wrist development and making unexpected marks.

Stage 2 Doodle. Explore colors and shapes. For color match, place differentcolored crayons or markers in a hat or bag and pull them out one at a time. Ask the child to find something in the room that matches the color. See how many matching color items he can find. For shape match, take turns drawing shapes with tripod markers. One person goes first and makes a shape that the second person must match. Keep your shapes simple and offer encouragement as they try to make a matching shape.

Crayola recommends Triangular Crayons for Tripod Grip. This is for the development of elbow and making shapes, lines, loops and circles.

Stage 3 Draw. Some of suggested activity is Story Time. Take the colorful fun outside by picking a color then go on a walk and write down things you saw with that color. Draw what you saw and make up a story about it. Make up a silly story by selecting a person, place and a thing (the sillier the better!) and have your child make a drawing for each. When the drawings are done, help your child tell a silly story that includes all 3 items drawn. Switch up the order ad make up new stories.

Crayola recommends Thick Round Shape for Mature Grip. This develops the full arm and drawing with purpose.

After the activity, the kids are very proud to show their artwork.

Parents are proud as well, just like me!

Kids went home with Crayola set! Yey! More coloring materials we can use for our homeschooling activities.

You can find these amazing materials at Ogalala shop. They have one in Edsa Shangrila. I always visit that store.

Thank you to Crayola, Baby Company and Ogalala for having us and experience a colorful afternoon with other kids and parents.