Gear up for an exciting summer adventure with McDonald’s Kiddie Crew Workshop: Explorer Edition!

Still thinking of a cool, fun and adventure way to spend summer for your kids? Why not join Mcdonald's Kiddie Crew Workshop: Explorer Edition. Last week, we were lucky to experience and enjoy the Explorer Edition workshop with other parents and kids. I joined their launch last year as well so I am really surprised that they have a theme this year and I really like it.

I like the design of the shirt and it's color. It's very refreshing. Everything is designed to it's theme, even the bag and hat and I super like the color combination.

The first activity they had is treasure hunt where they look for hidden bags with treasure around the area. Then some small talk and introduction about the workshop.

Now on its 27th year, McDonald’s Kiddie Crew Workshop continues its tradition of making learning an adventure for the kids and giving them a unique and memorable experience at McDonald’s. Through play-based activities, kids aged 6-12 will experience all the fun things that make up McDonald’s, and at the same time, learn good values, build confidence, and discover new talents, all in the company of new friends!

The workshop will turn kids into budding adventurers as they set out to complete fun and educational tasks, like making their all-time-favorite McDonald’s Cheeseburger, and serving delighted customers from behind the Front Counter or the Drive-Thru window! They also get to sing, dance, and let their creative juices flow with different activities that make for a memorable summer experience.

Look how proud and happy my son for making his cheeseburger 🍔.

Kids can actually experience taking order, familiarize on the process and greet customers. They become drive thru crews as well.

They watched a dance tutorial of Ronald dance. I thought Ronald will not make an appearance that day but here he is. Joining the kids and danced with them.

He even gave certificate to Explorer kids.

Overall we really enjoyed this experience and every year it's getting better and better. Kiddie Crew Workshop starts on April 8, with various workshop schedules you can choose from. The weekday workshop runs for 5 days with each day lasting for 2 hours while the two-day weekend workshop lasts for 3 hours per session. You’re sure to find a schedule that will best fit you and your kid’s summer activities!

All these fun activities, new friends, happy memories, and loads of goodies await them for just P695 for the weekday workshop, and P595 for the weekend workshop.

But the fun and surprises don’t end there! McDonald’s has a special treat for those joining the Kiddie Crew Workshop, with free membership to the new Kiddie Crew Club -- offering members exclusive and exciting perks all-year round!

So what are you waiting for? Enroll your little explorers in the McDonald’s store nearest you and give them an unforgettable summer experience! To know more about the McDonald’s Kiddie Crew Workshop, visit