List of Pre-school/Daycare in Mandaluyong and Tuition Fees

Choosing a pre-school is one of the momentous decision we do for our kids. Education is very important and essential, I believe all of us parents know that and this is something we will do everything that we can, to give them the best education they can possibly have. At di ako nainform na ang mahal na pala magpaaral ng pre-school ngayon. Baket? Dinaig pa tuition fee ko nung college. I've been researching, inquiring and reading reviews about schools here in Mandaluyong. Let me share what I got and let's start with the expensive one.

This is the first pre-school I saw around our area that I got interested with. According to them, the fee depends on how many months and which programs your child will be enrolled in. Cambridge is a Singapore International Preschool founded in 1993 by Yale Holdings Pte Inc. and began operation in the Philippines in 2001. They use a child-centered, teacher-framed approach which means they don’t rely on a single method for all students.

Annual Fee: According to smartparenting site, ₱150,000 to ₱185,000 (inclusive of materials and snacks).
*Price may increase or different anytime, depends on the location and program.
Phone Number:
(02) 718-0220
(+63) 917 8604-467
Fax: (02) 718-0220
Email address: or
Address: 2nd floor, Sunshine Square, Mandala Park, Shaw Blvd. Mandaluyong City, Philippines

This learning center has a huge poster along Shaw Blvd. so I can't help but notice that. When I saw it, I tried browsing for this school and I saw a lot of good reviews about it. The facilities are great too but, sad reality, I just can't afford it. Clayton Learning Center is a progressive quality preschool that respects the uniqueness of each child in a warm, loving, secure, and ideal learning environment. All their classes are offered in English and Mandarin for children as young as 10 months up to 6 years old.

Annual Fee: According to smartparenting site ₱80,000 to ₱125,000.
Phone Number: (02) 722 4133 and (02) 723 0819
Email Address:
Address: 429 Shaw Blvd. cor. A. Mabini St., Mandaluyong, Metro Manila

Cascades International School

CIS is using Reggio-Emilia Approach. It's is an educational philosophy focused on preschool and primary education. It is a pedagogy described as student-centered and constructivist that uses self-directed, experiential learning in relationship-driven environments. Know more about it from their website or click here. You can check one of the review from Smart Parenting. I personally contacted them and ask for rates.

Annual Fees: ₱89,847 to ₱174,125 for 3 yo. to 5 yo (Whole day class); ₱72,878 to P100,622 (Half day class)
Phone Number:
+63 927-029-3996 (Globe)
+63 919-581-9862 (Smart)
+63 (02) 8253-1910 (landline)
+63 927-029-3996 (Viber)
Email Address: cascadesinternational
Address: #6 Silangan Street, Barangay Barangka, Mandaluyong City, Philippines.

If you try to search in google "pre-school in Mandaluyong", this learning center will be always on the results. They have 5 programs, Pre Nursery (1.8 - 2.11 years old) Nursery (3 - 3.11 years old) Junior Kinder (4 - 4.11 years old) and Senior Kinder (5 - 5.11 years old). They are one of the progressive school in Mandaluyong and advocate teaching through play and experiential activities. Plus they are recognized by the DepEd.

Annual Fees: ₱65,000 to ₱70,000 for Nursery, Junior Kinder, and Senior Kinder. ₱50,000 to ₱55,000 for Toddler class.
Phone Number
(02) 871 4376 (Martinez)
(02) 739 0683 (Tivoli)
(0917) 792 7656
Email Address:
Martinez Branch
177 F. Martinez Avenue, Brgy. Plainview, Mandaluyong City
Tivoli Branch
Children's Center, Tivoli Garden Residences, Coronado St., Brgy. Hulo, Mandaluyong City

I actually don't know about this school before but while reading a forum about parents looking for pre-school, I saw a number of parents recommending this so I checked them in Google. Explorations is a progressive preschool and kindergarten that employs the BankStreet or Developmental-Interaction Approach. The methodology is based on current theories about child development and learning, and a guiding philosophy that upholds respect and responsibility for children. This progressive preschool, which has operated in the industry for almost 20 years, has programs for 1.3 years old to 5.5 years old with after-school programs like Chinese classes, reading classes, ballet classes, and taekwondo classes. 

Annual Fee: ₱150,000 to ₱160,000
Phone Number: (632)724-3320
Email Address:
Address: 928 Luna Mencias cor. Socorro Fernandez St., Addition Hills, Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila, Philippines

This school is pretty close to our house. I went there personally to check the place and inquire. The place is clean and well maintained. I like their uniform too. Brilliant Juniors Academic Enhancement Center aims to cultivate the leaders of tomorrow by approaching every child as if their capacity for knowledge and potential was unlimited.

Annual Fee: ₱70,00 up to ₱100,000
Phone Number: +6326541197
Email Address:
Address: California Garden Square
1550 Mandaluyong, Philippines

This school is practically new. I saw their advertisement in facebook and contacted them. I checked their photos and I like how they present themselves, also the school's setup. Bright Ridge is a full-service child care/development facility that offers high quality early childhood programs to children ages one to five. The chief goal of Bright Ridge Preschool is to provide children with a solid and exceptional foundation for their upcoming academic program in an atmosphere of respect, compassion, and understanding. 

Annual Fee: ₱78,000. Installment scheme will cost up to ₱105,000 depending on the payment term.
Phone Number: +63 927 819 1502
Address: Acqua Private Residences
1550 Mandaluyong, Philippines

These are only few of the expensive preschools in Mandaluyong that I know. If I can afford any of them, I might try one of these schools but of course, we need to live within our means so the hunting must go on. I kept on looking for a school (I actually prefer progressive school because I believe that kids will learn effectively through play) that won't hurt my wallet and bank account. So here are the list of not so expensive preschools.

I personally don't know this school and I don't have any friends or relatives who went here but I read on forums, blogs and other resources that they have the affordable tuition fee for pre-school and grade school. According to the resources I read online, the experience is good and worthy of their money. The school’s aim is for everyone involved in the education of the children enrolled in STePS – the pupils’ parents and guardians, benefactors, the school administrators, the faculty and the staff of the school – to be united, to move as one in helping these budding children develop into full-bloomed flowers in their quest for learning that goes even beyond time, without losing the Christian values inculcated in them.

Annual Fee: ₱26,000 to ₱30,000 (according to the forum I read, I'm trying to contact them to clarify this)
Phone Number:
Accounting/Registrar- (02)532-4243 / 533-2731 
Bus Service - 533-4146 
Guidance 661-1074 
Preschool - 477-8677 
Kindergarten - 508-5710 
Other Concerns - (02)508-5710
Address: 720 Sgt. Bumatay St., Plainview
1550 Mandaluyong, Philippines

I saw this on facebook and inquired for tuition fee. They pretty much don't update on their social media accounts nor have their own website so I don't know what kind of approach they use for teaching. I think they use traditional, I'm not sure but their tuition fee is affordable.

Annual Fee: ₱24,400 upfront. Down payment scheme is ₱8,000 upfront then ₱1,440 monthly.
Phone Number: +63 2 470 3583
Address: Sgt. Bumatay, 1550 Mandaluyong

I saw this school when I was still studying in PUP. I saw from the forums that parents had great experience in this school and very satisfied with the teaching. This school is using a Montessori approach of teaching which means, lessons are based on self-directed activity, hands-on learning and collaborative play. They have practical life and motor skills program and it focus on exercises that'll lead to independence, self-control, and intellectual order essential for later learning.

Annual Fee: ₱55,000 exclusive of miscellaneous fee. Misc fee can be up to ₱15,000.
Check the list of payment terms of their tuition fee on their website. Click here.
Phone Number:
+63(2) 532.41.68
+63(2) 746.70.78
Email Address:
Address: #65 South Sikap St., Mandaluyong City

This one is walking distance from our house and I've seen this school a lot but it's ironic I've never seen this school with kids. I don't know, maybe that's how secured they are. So I thought, this is not a pre-school but a tutorial center only. I contacted them thru facebook and visited the place. According to them, they use eclectic approach which is a combination of different methods of teaching.

Annual Fee: ₱31,000 to ₱38,500 inclusive of books and supplies
Phone Number: (02) 718 3895
Address: 167 Lopez-Rizal Street, Mandaluyong, 1550 Metro Manila

Lead Preschool  is a private, co-educational, non-sectarian school which is located in the city proper of MANDALUYONG. It caters to students in the levels of Toddler and  Nursery. It uses English and Tagalog for its medium of instruction. It provides developmentally appropriate activities which will touch all the domains of the students’ development. The school follows progressive approach.

Annual Fee: ₱35,000 to ₱39,000 depending on the installment scheme. They have upront, quarterly and monthly.
Phone number: 0917 581 5678
Address: 2/F Lead Center Building 134-B Bulusan St., Bgy. Mauway, Mandaluyong

Last week, we tried a one day free trial of Camp Start and I'm really happy with it. They started last year, so practically they're new. I saw them on facebook and reached thru messenger, I'm glad because they respond quickly to my inquiries. They use progressive approach means learning through play. They have 2 teachers and 2 assistant teachers for maximum of 20 students which is super thumbs up for me. I like the place, very secured, kids are comfortable, they teach values and hygiene during class. They even have potty time which helps parents if they are having problem potty training their kids. I like it and decided to enroll my son this coming school year.

Annual Fee: ₱36,000 to ₱41,000. Monthly payment is ₱4,000 + ₱1,000 misc fee for first month only. Reservation fee is 1,000 deducted from the annual fee.
Phone Number: 0977 790 5585
Address: Sikap Street, 614 Boni Ave. 1510 Mandaluyong, Philippines

I shared our experience in Camp Start on this blog, you might want to check it out. Just click here or look for #CampStartJourney.


For daycare and short activities, you may check Purple Tree Daycare Center and Asriel and Isaac's Playmates.

So far yan palang ang mga info na nakalap ko and hopefully it helps you mommies and daddies who are looking for a pre-school. I promise I'll update this. Kung di talaga kaya ng budget niyo ang mga gantong schools, there are barangay day care centers who offer teaching for pre-school na minimal lang ang fee like below 5k for whole year.

If you know a school that can benefit other parents, let me know. You can send me a message thru my facebook page, or email me at or comment it down below. Thanks for dropping by!


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