Our fun experience at NANKID Summer Glamp: Reshape Future

I am so happy when I got an invite to attend the Summer Glamp: Reshape Future of NANKID. NAN is one of the popular milk that has optimized protein that helps reduce the risk of obesity later in life by allotting the proper protein levels needed by the child's body. It takes into account that your precious preschooler also gets protein from other sources, like his regular table food.

I must say, they have the cutest and most instagrammable setup that I ever attended. There's a lot of tepee tents for kids, glamping toys and materials to keep them entertained plus food and refreshments to keep them energized.

The NANKID Reshape Glamp was a summer event that brought together parents and children in a camp setting filled with activities that aimed at fostering an open mind, cultivating a positive attitude, and showcasing optimal nutrition-- the essentials of setting up a child’s optimal growth and development.

To ensure that the guests gear up for an exciting adventure ahead, parents and their children met with their camp masters that explained the camp rules and were given camp essentials they can use at every campsite activity.

“Fishing for Nutrition”

Parents and kids gamely went fishing for nutrition tips. Here, they learned that good nutrition, such as that provided by Nestlé NANKID, plays a major role in ensuring that an individual grows up to be healthy physically and cognitively.

Prince enjoyed fishing so much that he don't want to leave this area. Not just he enjoyed fishing but they also learned the vitamins and minerals they can get from Nestle NAN that will provide optimal growth, weight and development as an individual.

“Play Mountain”

Parents and children threw a giant dice to get to the summit and finish the positivity trail. They could land on a space that makes it faster for them to reach the summit, but they could also land on a space that would force them to go back several notches. Each space had a message for the parents and kids to make them reflect on the moves they have taken. Through the game, children realize that challenges and difficulties can actually be growth opportunities.

Storytelling Sessions 

Everyone gathered together for a short and interactive storytelling session. Led by a camp master, kids had to run, hop, jump, and interact with others to tell stories. This fun-filled activity showed the parents how kids easily mirror their actions and the people around them.

Dear Future Child

Parents also reflected on their aspirations for their children, where they wrote letters expressing their commitment to do their best in helping their children prepare for life’s ever-changing challenges and complexities in the years to come. Parents put in the vile and will protect it along with the plant.

Kids received their badges for every completed task and activity just like an explorer.

Kids and parents had an awesome refreshment to beat the heat by Jamba Juice and Ice Pops.

Aside from the prepared activities, kids were able to bond, play and interact with the other kids and ambassadors of NANKID. One of them is the internet star Scarlet Snow Belo Kho, daughter of Vicky Belo and Hayden Kho. I asked Scarlet if my son can take a photo with her but she refused. I thought it was just us but she's doing it for all the boys who tries to take a photo with her so I guess she was taught that way and I respect that.

“A camping adventure allows children and their families to encounter obstacles from which they can see as growth opportunities, especially the importance of staying positive and thinking creatively. Skills and capabilities are traits that can be developed if one has an optimal growth mindset, which is what this Reshape Glamp intends to do. These, along with optimal nutrition with the help of Nestlé NANKID, aids in continuing the advocacy to reshape the future and open a world full of possibilities,” said Ms. Jean Espino, Vice President for Marketing, Nestlé Premium Milks.

Don’t miss the opportunity to help reshape your children’s future and unlock the possibilities of tomorrow, today. Visit www.facebook.com/NANKIDOPTIPRO for more details.