Urban Kitchen Introduces New Collection of Serveware and Food Keeper

Before this coming holiday, I was invited for the product launch of Urban Kitchen's newest collection of minimalist serveware and food containers in Sentro 1771 Capitol Commons, Pasig City with the hashtag #UKStoreandServe - Making Life Easy.

The all-new Urban Kitchen Serveware and Food Keeper is a perfect gift for homemakers and kitchen enthusiasts alike. With its clever and ergonomic design, the collection will surely make very wonder wo-mom's life easier as it complements every Filipino home's lifestyle while leveling up their dining experience.

Hosted by the award-winning host and modern mom Issa Litton, the #StoreAndServe – Making Life Easy launch highlighted the products’ functions as a home solution for young moms and savvy homemakers’ modern lifestyle. Also, moms and guests were given a crash course on Table Setting by food & props stylist and visual storyteller Chichi Tullao. During the workshop, the participants were taught how to set up a table as well as given tips on food styling using the different Urban Kitchen products.

Table Setting by Chichi Tullao

Aside from the table setting and food styling workshop, the participants were also given decluttering tips and food storage hacks to maximize their kitchen and dining storage space by Kon Mari consultant Renelyn Tan-Castillejos. More than making their kitchens look organized, Castillejos also gave them practical tips on how to use the different Urban Kitchen food storage products on their space that brings joy and complement their modern living.

I'll share some of the tips I learned during the event.

Konmari Technique
1. The ability to keep what sparks joy for you and to discard the rest.
2. The ability to decide where to keep each thing and put it back in place.

Basic Rules of Tidying
✔️ Commit yourself to tidying up
✔️ Think of your ideal lifestyle
✔️ Finish discarding first
✔️ Tidy by category not by location
        πŸ“š Books
        πŸ“ Papers
        🧳 Komono Items (Accessories)
        πŸ’Œ Sentimental Items
✔️ Follow the right order
✔️ Ask yourself if it sparks joy

Essentials for Kitchen Komono Tyding
1. How do you tidy up the kitchen
2. The focus is not one the ease of use but on the ease of cleaning
3. If you want a kitchen that enjoy cleaning in, aim for one that's easy to clean.
4. Tidying your kitchen first is a sure way to fail. Follow the right order of categories.

Some helpful tips to determine spark Joy
1. Put all the belongings in one pile, per category.
2. Touch the item and put it close to your heart.
3. Compare your belongings with the other items in the category then use the top three joy ranking method.
4. No matter how cluttered it looks, don't pause, don't quit.

Food is a big part of Filipino culture. And dining area, in fact, remain to be the heart of each home where you can entertain guests, whip up the best dish that you know of, or just lounge with the family while sharing a good meal,” shares Chriselda Chua, COO. “Through our new campaign #StoreAndServe – Making Life Easy, it is our goal to come up with innovative, practical, and well-crafted serveware and food storage products that would adapt beautifully with any contemporary home. Affordable, stylish, and ergonomic, Urban Kitchen products are a must-have not just only this holiday season, but to be part of our everyday home solutions”.

Products introduced during the launch include the 12" Rectangular Serveware (₱129.75),

12" Oval Serveware (₱129.75), 

Large Square Serveware with Spoon 10" x 5.5 (₱149.75),

10" Square Storage Container (₱149.75)

 and the 9" Rectangular Storage Container (₱129.75). 

These affordable yet stylish products are available in SM Home nationwide - go get your hands on these kitchen must-have to complete your Christmas shopping list.

Urban Kitchen by Max.Ideas is known for its trendy, practical, genuine, and innovative product line that offers everyday home solutions in general. It is a sister company of CDC Manufacturing Corporation, the manufacturer of Melawares, the most trusted brand of tableware. For more updates about Urban Kitchen, follow its official Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/UrbanKitchenPhilippines/.