Staycation: Acqua Residences Iguazu

To celebrate our 5th year Wedding Anniversary ( Hooray! Malapit na namen maabutan ang 7-year itch) me and my husband decided to spend quality time together. Another good thing, I have Airbnb credits kaya naman san pa ako hahanap kundi sa aking friendly Airbnb app. Later I'll give you discount for first time users which is perfect for anyone who wants to spend time within the city or nagpaplanong magtravel.


Actually, I had a hard time looking for a place kasi halos lahat ng gusto ko is fully booked na. There's this one room na gusto ko kasi may PS4 pero naunahan ako magbook. Then gladly we found this place.

I like the tropical vibes of the room. The interior looks elegant and very stylish. The diffuser helps to spread aromatic smell. Once you entered the room, it smells like I entered a spa and it's very relaxing. The bed is very comforting and inviting. It's almost impossible for you to get out of bed.


The dining area looks sophisticated with its gold utensils and expensive tablewares. Perfect for romantic dinner. Sadly we didn't get a chance to eat in this area because we went outside for our dinner reservation (na medyo palpak kasi di rin natuloy yung pinareserve). If only I knew, sana nagpadeliver or nagluto na lang kami.


They have a sofa bed which infront of the big TV where my son loves to lie down chilling while watching Netflix. It's easy to change from bed to sofa plus it's near the balcony where you can have a very nice view.


It has a very nice view of the city and Pasig River.


If you're planning to cook and dine inside, gladly they have complete utensils and kitchen essentials which is perfect for celebration with your love ones. They have cooking wares for guests who feels like cooking. I love that they have this welcome treats for the guests. We've got 2 bottled water, fruits and coffees.


The owner is very considerate of their guests because toiletries are complete. There's a pair of toothbrush with toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, body lotion and shaving kit too. For girls who needs to dry their hair, they have blower too.

Toilet has water bidet, complete with toilet tissue too. There's water heater as well and there's rainfall shower located at the ceiling part of the shower area. Their towels smells so nice too.


If you are looking for amenities, they have a lot of it. There's Sky Deck where you can see the 360° view of the city. There's swimming pool per tower. There's kiddie pool near the Pebble Cafe. There's playground too for kids and basketball court. Base on the book guide, there's Eden Park and Movie Room too. For people who loves to exercise, they have Gym as well. I think the only downside is, there's no near establishment to dine in or buy fresh foods. The only establishment you can see there is Lawson which is quite far from the Iguazu Tower. When we tried to have breakfast at Pebble Cafe, I feel disappointed because most of the food from the menu are not available.

If you are interested to book this place in Mandaluyong, please click here. And if you don't have an account with Airbnb yet, here's a treat for you. Click the link down below ⬇️

Overall we really enjoyed our stay. I rated it 5 stars and hopefully we can come back.