Changes during pregnancy

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Sintomas. Karaniwang nararanasan ng mga pregnant woman. I'll share what are the changes in my body which is some of it are shocking to me. Usually ang alam lang naten is pagsusuka, stretch marks and pagbigat or paglaki ng timbang. Meron ding ibang sintomas or pagbabago sa katawan na pwede mong maranasan once na nagbuntis ka. Let me start with the usual.

1. Pagsusuka/Morning Sickness

Hindi siya pagduduwal at lalong hindi siya tuwing umaga lang. Magsusuka ka talaga anytime, anywhere. In my experience, I am working as a call center agent usually nagsusuka ako during my shift so madaling araw siya nangyayari sakin. Atleast 2-3 times ako magsuka and commonly, pagkatapos kumaen. Bigla ka na lang makakaramdam ng pagkahilo at hilab sa tiyan and then the next thing you do is isuka ang kinaen mo. Medyo mahirap pero once na naisuka mo na gumagaan na pakiramdam mo. Usually this will last only until your third-fourth month. But for me, naglast siya hanggang 5th month.
2. Stretchmarks

Maswerte ka kung wala ka neto. Pero karamihan ng mga babaeng nagbubuntis nakakaranas neto. Yung sakin medyo masaklap kasi hanggang sa taas ng puson ko meron pati sa may tagiliran. Meron din sa may alak alakan ko or likod ng tuhod. Meron din sa may gilid ng breast ko. Saklap diba? Mahirap pa nun kulay purple na siya. Base on my experience, before I get pregnant I got stretchmarks na sa tagiliran ko dahil sa pagkakaroon ng bilbil. Kahit wala akong nilalagay nagfade siya kasabay ng paunti unting pagbawas ng timbang ko. So hindi ako nagwoworry kasi alam ko magfade din siya, matagal nga lang. Hindi na din ako gumamit ng product para sa stretchmark kasi bukod sa mahal na, di naman niya talaga mapapawala ito. Some people say that they will also lighten once you give birth. Kaya I decided to use a product after ng panganganak ko. But if you are really worrying about it, you can buy creams for your tummy para di siya maging itchy. They also tipped me to use comb when my stomach is itching para daw di siya maging stretchmark. Also you can monitor your weight and intake ng foods para hindi lumaki ang tummy mo.

3. Dark Secrets

You'll notice na may mga pagbabago sa breast mo. Since lumalaki siya, there's a big chance na magkaramdam ka ng tenderness or pananakit pag naaalog or natatamaan siya. Another one is paglaki ng areola or paligid ng nipples. At hindi lang siya lumalaki, they are getting dark too. Don't worry kasi normal siya. Articles said that the color will get back the way it is after giving birth. The reason why there are changes in our breast part is because of our hormones. You can check here to know more about it. Sabi din nila if you are having a baby boy (like me) you will experience a lot of dark secrets like in underarm, face, neck and legs.

4. Cravings

Hindi mawawala ang cravings sa pagbubuntis. Nakakabaliw to kasi kahit gusto mong magdiet hindi mo magawa dahil maya't maya maghahanap ka ng pagkaen. Sa case ko hindi ko matiis na hindi kumaen lalo na pag shift ko dahil hindi ako makapagisip ng maayos kapag pakiramdam ko gutom ako. In that case, you still need to eat the right amount of food. You can take 6 small meals everyday. You don't need to eat anything that pop up in your mind. Try to control yourself from eating too much and drink plenty of water everytime.

5. Heartburn

On my second up until to my third trimester I am experiencing a lot of heartburns. Ayon sa mga nababasa ko, since the fetus is taking so much space inside your womb, the acid in your stomach is going up which cause heartburn. For remedies you can follow the instructions in this article. 

6.  Pagmamanas/Swelling

Marahil naririnig mo na din sa iba eto dahil isa ito sa mga karaniwang sintomas ng pagbubuntis. Feet and ankles may swell because of the extra fluid in the body during pregnancy. The normal ankle have curve while the swollen ankle don't have curve. You can see the example in this link. To prevent this, prevent eating highly processed foods that contain both salt and other additives, as these can make fluid retention worse and drink plenty of water.

7. Feeling hot

Akala ko dahil summer kaya init na init ako pero alam ko kung paano ako magpawis and ngayon is heavy pawis. This is due to hormonal changes and an increase in blood supply to the skin. Keep yourself hydrated by drinking plenty of water and wear loose clothing made of natural fibres, as these are more absorbent and breathe more than synthetic fibres. You can also take a shower twice a day or before going to bed to help you feel fresh.

These are some of the changes during my pregnancy. Others experience frequent urination, constipation, cramps, varicose veins, nose bleeding etc. I guess every woman has its unique experience of pregnancy.

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