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Last January, nagpalit kami ng OB-Gyne kasi mahal ang PF (Professional Fee) ng una nameng OB. Nung nagtanong kami sa assistant niya nasa P60K-P70K for normal delivery. Hindi namen keri yung ganun kalaking gastos. So hinanap namen yung murang OB at same hospital and that's Dra. Juanita Lee. Mas mura nga sa kaniya, kasi around P30K lang for the normal delivery. Kalahati ng kay Dra. Sese kaya naman pinush na namen.

Anyway, so every month nagpapacheck up kami sa kaniya. The consultation fee cost P200. Kelangan before 1 pm andun ka na sa office niya (4th floor room 401) para magpalista. Madami siyang customers especially Saturday kaya mas maganda makapagpalista ka na. Usually dumadating si Dra. Juanita Lee ng 2:30-3:30. Swerte mo kapag dumating siya ng mas maaga.

Medyo hindi ko bet ang OB namen kasi parang di kami nagaguide kung anong mga test or dapat gawin. May mga times na nagpapacheck-up ako sa OB ng Medicard kasi dun walang bayad ang consultation kasi member ako. Kaso kelangan ko pa ding magpacheck up kay Dra. Juanita Lee kasi siya yung magpapaanak sakin. May mga important things na dapat nagagawa during pregnancy na hindi namen alam dahil wala namang sinasabi samen ang OB namen like OGTT.

OGTT or Oral Glucose Tolerance Test is done to check for diabetes that occurs with pregnancy. This test is usually carried out when you're between 24 weeks and 28 weeks pregnant. In my case, I did this test on my 29th weeks. Lagpas na pero pinush ko pa din. My friend who is pregnant too did the APE (Annual Physical Exam) and the doctor found a glucose in her urine. Tinanong siya ng doctor kung nakapag OGTT na siya and she said no. We didn't know na meron palang ganun. Then the doctor told her that it is a must for every pregnant to check their sugar. So ako din nagundergo sa test na yun. Here's my result:

OGTT Procedure:
  • Do not eat or drink anything (other than 1 sip of water) for 7-8 hours before your test. (You also cannot eat during the test.)
  • They will get a sample of your blood as the first step of the test.
  • After that you will be asked to drink a liquid that contains glucose. It taste like orange juice. 
  • After 1 hour, they will get another sample of your blood to test your glucose tolerance.
  • You will be waiting for another 1 hour before they take the last blood sample for the test.
The total time for this test is 3 hours. Prepare yourself for hunger strike.

Guidelines for Interpretation:

Normal cut-offs for a 2 Hour Pregnancy Glucose Tolerance Test are listed below. Results are considered indicative of gestational diabetes if any one of these is exceeded.

Fasting: Less than 92 mg/dL. or 5.8
1 Hour: Less than 180 mg/dL. or 10
2 Hour: Less than 140 mg/dL. or 7.8

Hindi tama yang Normal Range sa paper result ko. Iba kasi yung range pag buntis. Katulad ng friend ko, above normal range yung last result namen. Once you receive the result you can ask your OB to interpret it. If one of your result is higher than the normal range, you might be diagnose to have gestational diabetes. 

 When we checked with our OB what the next thing we need to do after the result, she advised us to consult with endocrinologist. My friend was able to consult with endocrinologist and she was advised to monitor her blood sugar. She had this sugar blood test kit where she needs to check it regularly like three times a day. In her observation, mataas ang sugar niya tuwing umaga. The doctor also gave her the list of what she can only eat throughout the pregnancy.

Usually the doctor will also advise you to take insulin. I was recommended to have an endocrinologist with the same hospital of my OB-Gyne so they can team-up when the time I am about to give birth. Pero hindi na ako nagpaconsult pa sa endocrinologist. I just change my regular intake of food. I eat one cup of rice everyday usually during lunch. Then I have apple, banana or orange when I'm hungry. When I'm really starving, I eat wheat bread or egg and at night I eat oatmeal then have a glass of milk.

Sa OB namen, isang vitamins lang ang nirecommend samen which is Appetite OB. When I search in internet, I saw other's post that they have atleast three vitamins. Kaya naman nagsariling sikap na lang ako. Nagresearch ako ng nagresearch kung ano yung mga essential needs ng pregnant during second and third trimester. My husband also asked his colleague what are the vitamins they take. Then we both decided to take Omega3, Hemarate FA, and Appetite OB which I also change to Obimin at the latter part of my pregnancy. 

I know it's wrong pero sinunod ko na lang yung guts ko. Sa mga ultrasound ko, normal naman ang mga result niya kaya tinuloy tuloy ko na lang. I hope makahanap kayo ng OB na alam mong panatag ka. In my next pregnancy, I'll make sure na may budget na ako para afford ko na yung service na gusto ko.

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