Enfamil vs Nan HW1 Review

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I mentioned from my previous post that my Pedia recommended us to use Nan HW1 as formula milk. Since I wasn't able to breastfeed we ended up using formula milk everyday. We only used Nan for less than 2 months. We switched to Enfamil A+ 1 because of some reason. Pero kami lang mag-asawa nagdecide to switch our baby's milk without our Pedia's consultation. However, we also brought it up, he agreed naman without hesitation. He said, it's up to us kung magswitch kami ng milk.

It happen one night when my baby didn't poop the whole day. He cried a lot and we don't know what to do. There are times he looks red and making sound of urghhhh means he's going to let go of something but when we check there's none. I listed our observation of the two formula milk.

Nestle NAN HW1


  • It has DNA and ARA that both stimulate development for the brain
  • Container is much better because it has an allowance where you can slip the scooped milk powder to get a better amount of it
  • Cheaper or much affordable
  • Base on review, this milk is for anti-allergies.
  • Stocks are available in any grocery or Mercury drug store

  • My baby had constipation
  • Having a hard time pooping. My baby was always making sound and getting red when letting go of his poop.
  • Green stool (I researched about this and it's perfectly normal for formula feeding infants to have green stool)
  • Leftover milk is smelly

Mead Johnson Enfamil A+ 1

  • Highest DHA for brain development
  • Yellow stool (I believe yellow stool is healthier than green stool. This is my opinion only)
  • My baby is not having a hard time letting go of his poop. He even didn't encounter constipation with this milk
  • My baby gained a lot and he loves this milk.
  • Leftover milk in the bottle are not that smelly

  • Much expensive and powder milk in boxes are hard to find
  • I don't like the container
  • Don't have ARA
  • There are bubbles when you shake the milk to mix with water

At first my baby didn't like Enfamil but when we see the result of his stool we continue using it. Until now we are still using this milk and we didn't have any problem with it. Hope you find something helpful with this review.

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  1. Since Day 1 we used Enfamil for lo. He gained weight mabilis and he likes it. Mixed feeding kami and walang problem when we switch from breast to bottle :) He poops everyday din.

  2. We had the exact opposite of your experience mommy... My lo were taking enfamil a+ since birth, he's on mix feeding BTW. After a month he became irritable and constipated.. He cries a lot, turns red while making an effort to excrete. One time, he pooped a paste-like and grayish with yellow stool.. That's the time.we decided to switch to Nan optipro hw, his poop turned yellow again and the consistency is just right, neither watery or clay-like. The only thing I don't like about Nan is that my lo has a very smelly poop even his fart smells like of an adult fart but nonetheless I'm glad he's not suffering from constipation. Cheers to our lo's!

    1. Yes this is true, poop is so smelly even fart. :)

  3. Enfamil A+ din kami. Most recommended by pediatricians sya kasi sya ang pinakaclose sa breastmilk. 😊

  4. Enfamil A+ din gamit namin. Most recommended sya ng mga pedia kasi enfamil daw ang pinakamalapit sa breastmilk. 😊

  5. There's also NAN Optipro HA which is hypoallergic and NAN optipro baby formula. Nan is European brand famous and popular in USA. Moneyworldstore brand and collections offers the NAN brand for purchase.

  6. Im having the same problem with my baby... dati shes taking nan optipro one kaso kinakabag sya.. the pedia recommended to switch to nan hw1 constipated naman ngayon. Tapos shes really screaming. When we check the diaper wlang stool.. hay what to do??

  7. You will also want to take off the label from the outside, because once you put the new paper and decoupage on the first layer of paper bubbles up and makes your beautiful creation look, https://myorganicformula.com/collections/holle-organic-formula

  8. You can try mixed-feeding, observe your baby's weight and response and see if there is a drastic change. And if the situation did not get any better, you must consult your doctor. I'm based in singapore by the way and I tried Dumex for my baby. Hope all is well with your baby too.

  9. Im using Nan OptiproHW 2 for myson.he increased his intake of milk so imalmist satisfied.only we noticed na yung poop nya is watery na dark gray sometimes green but nonetheless wala namangibngnegatove reaction for my baby.what do you think mommies? Is it normal? Smellypoops and fart too.

  10. Hi im using nan optipro hw 2.. and ganun din watery poop color dark gray or sometimes dark green.. what to do ?

  11. Hi.. My baby is 2 months gamit namin is nan optipro, lagi sya lumulungad, nag switch kmi ng nan 1hw ang problema namn, ang popo nya is maya maya, tapos color yellow n my buo bio cya lonte

  12. ask ko lng po pano pg mg change ng milk from nan hw to enfamil a+ my steps po b? or u can change milk right away?

  13. ask lang po. im using Nan Optipro, my pediatrician wants to change it to Enfamil,ok lang lang po ba yun change kaagad?


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