Marriage Tips I Learned from A Second Chance

One More Chance has been my favorite movie of all time and Bea-John Lloyd loveteam has been my best-loved tandem in teleseryes and movies. Who wouldn't love them? They are really great actors. I love how Cathy Garcia-Molina made the story very realistic, no dull moments and I really believe that every person who had a relationship whether happy ending or not relate to the story.

So when I heard that they'll be making a sequel of this movie, I was thrilled and excited. I would like to know what happen to their "12, 13, 14 Forever and Ever" love story. Teaser and trailer appeared on my Facebook timeline. People are excited to watch it too. To be honest, I wasn't impress with the trailer. I thought this Part 2 won't give justice to this iconic Filipino film. I was loosing my hope and desire to watch A Second Chance but hearing and reading movie watcher's reaction, I need to see this movie.


1. There's nothing you can be sure of. Popoy being an Engineer and Basha as an Architect, we know how this profession can make a good income here in our country. Most of the couples who just got married lives on their dream to have a house on their own, run their own business, have kids, travel together and a lot more, same with Popoy and Basha. They were so sure what they gonna do and what they need to do. They were able to have their own firm and a location for their dream house but suddenly challenges came in and their dreams fall down.

When I got married, I said to myself we will have our own house or condo within 2 years. I tried looking for any opportunity to earn extra income, but I'm loosing hope to make it come true. Still, I'm not gonna give up. With perseverance, determination and hard work I know that we can have our own house. Every couple should be strong enough to face challenges and struggles throughout their marriage life.

2. Honesty is a must. I know how hard sometime to tell the truth especially if it will hurt your partner but, your husband/wife has the right to know it. In the story, Popoy didn't admit the truth that their company is facing bankruptcy. For 2 years, Basha thought it was her fault why they always fight. She thought the company is doing good until she saw the amount of debt their company is facing. This is where she said my favorite line in the movie "I promise to love you even if it hurts. I love you more even when it hurts."

3. Be a cheerleader. It's really easy how to feel grateful when your partner achieve great things but what if he became a failure? What if the motivated person you know had change? Will you still love your spouse? After their big fight, Basha tends to be more focus on solving the problem and didn't notice that his husband is having a hard time too on gaining back their relationship and goals. Until Popoy lost himself and questioned his love for his wife.

Being a partner you need to accumulate a lot of patience and understanding. Show encouragement and positivity. You are the first person he needs to be with to gain the confidence he lost.

4. Don't be afraid to ask for a support. There are some people who think they can do all the job by themselves and just to prove it, they will not ask for any support from anyone. Pride is the major factor why people tend to do it on their own. In the story, Popoy would like to be the first engineer to build a calamity proof structure in the Philippines. Thinking it was a great idea and seeing that clients can afford it, he insisted. Then he started to fail in project bidding and lost his workers.

Sometimes we make wrong decision and we need someone to ask for guidance. Don't be afraid to ask for help when you really needed.

5. Don't give up. Marriage life is really tough and something that you just can't give up. No matter how hard the problem is, or difficult your life is going through, hold on to your promise with each other. Look for a solution, list other options and stay in love with one another.

Congratulations to the whole team of A Second Chance for bringing an excellent movie. I will really recommend this especially to all married couples. There were so much tears and realization that everyone will learn and apply on their daily lives.

Me and my colleagues with our "mugtong mga mata"


  1. I haven't watched the movie yet, but don't worry, you spoiled in a good way.*wink*

    I would still want to watch it on the big screen and learn from it myself just like you.😊

    I would like to have a mugtong mga mata moment too. Hehe

  2. My eyes were really swollen after crying myself out while watching the movie. Haha! It's really a must-watch for married couples!

  3. Oh i haven't watched the movie but these tips are relevant! Thanks and hopefully I get to watch it soon hehe

  4. I haven't watched it yet but I can relate well in the story xx

  5. Thanks for sharing those tips. Hope to watch it soon on dvd. :)

  6. I haven't watched both 1 and 2 yet. Ha-ha but these are really great lessons to learn. It requires both to make unending adjustments for a marriage to last. :)

  7. Planning to watch it this weekend with the hubby. I must ready my hanky hehe.

  8. I haven't watch the movie but I planning to watch it when my husband coming home soon, and I think this movie is great.

  9. A movie with a good moral lesson! I've watched One More Chance but still haven't watched this.

  10. Great post...and all very good tips! Thanks for posting! :)