2016 Baby Company Grand Baby Fair Year 6

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The much awaited Baby Company Grand Baby Fair is on their 6th Annual Fair on January 29 to 31 at 10 am to 10 pm Megatrade, SM Megamall. Guess what their theme this year? It could be ships and pirates or treasure hunting. Isn't it exciting?

You'll get a lot of great deals from this event from different participating brands and baby products. I still remember when I attended their 5th Annual Fair I had so much fun but I only have limited budget that time because of our wedding expenses.

Don't forget to apply for Mom Card to avail freebies and earn reward points/discounts. You just have to fill out the form and pay P100.

They have an exclusive offer every year, and it's a free Swap Bag. Last year, buyers will get free swap bag for a minimum purchase of P3,000. However, I wasn't informed about this and we bought products for P2,500. Imagine our regrets that day. So make sure to ask about this to avail their freebies.

Take a look on Free Swap Bag last year.

(photograb from binondomommy.com)

Like Baby Company facebook and follow them on instagram for more updates. Don't miss this once in a year Grand Baby Fair! See you there!

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  1. I have a Mom Card too...hope I could find time to visit the fair so I could buy some new stuff for my 1 year old boy

  2. My little munchkin will be turning six months this February so very timely to buy his first set of dining wares. Surely there will be a lot of choices. See you there then!

  3. Looking forward to checking this out and getting my nephew some cool things.

  4. Naku sayang, 500 nalang! I'm sure you're gonna get a fab loot bag this year!

  5. i used to go to baby company fairs before when my kids still need a couple of things from their baby section. oh how i miss going to these events ^_^

  6. Wow this is really nice, sayang naman di ko naabutan to ah.

  7. Back when my kids were infants and toddlers we didn't have fairs like this one. Moms these days have so much more options :)

  8. Punta ako dito to buy gifts for my friends who just had a baby. :) Thanks for sharing!

  9. I wish I availed of a Mom Card waaay back when my eldest daughter was still a baby. But she's 12 now and she has 2 younger sisters. On the bright side, because I have 3 girls, nakatipid ako sa damit ng mga bata coz most of their things will be handed down by their ate. Hehe.


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