When I saw this event in facebook, I didn't hesitate to be part of it because I think I really need this. There are two batches for this event and I choose the morning session which is 9 am - 12 noon. I arrived at 9:10 am. Yeah! I blame the traffic plus I came from Montalban. So anyway, the workshop already started when I arrived. Luckily, one of Millenial Moms PH admin reserved me a seat next to her. So I escape on that awkward moment where I have to look for a vacant seat.

Mommy Kit and all workshop materials are already provided. I love how my name was written and the relaxing color of each paper. The workshop was conducted by Michele Alignay a Registered Psychologist and Guidance Counselor, Child, Family Life & Relationship Specialist, and Growing Up Wired Kerygma Magazine contributor.

Our Activity #1 is about CHARTING DAILY LIVES. We write down our usual daily activities and hours spent. In this activity, we realized that we spent longer hours at work, family, traffic, and other things which we tend to neglect ourselves. Michele presented the French proverb "Dress slowly when you are in a hurry" which has been remarkable to us participants. It means you should have allotted time for yourself. Like give yourself 10-15 mins to prepare, or put your make-up, or choose your clothes. Don't put all your energy preparing your kids, you need to be presentable too. Another thing is when we are rushing, we tend to inhale shorter and exhale much. This will only add more stress so try to relax and breathe.

After that deep discussion of our daily activities, we jumped to Activity #2 which is IDENTIFYING LIFE SCRIPTS. Life Scripts are like tapes: Rational/Irrational, Life-giving or Life-crippling; Passive or Negative. It tackles about the things we used to hear from our parents and now passing it to our children. One example is if you're the eldest you have to take care of your younger sibling/s. Yes it's true, that eldest has bigger responsibility but how will your younger child learn if they will only depend on their kuya/ate? We have a choice to make a change and make it better. Like what Carl Jung said "I am not what happened to me. I am what I choose to become."

That's why I have to find out THE KIND OF MOM I AM, our Activity #3. Michele shared how Bo Sanchez describes her wife. He said, "My wife is a woman of order because she can't cook, she orders." In this activity, we write down what we are good at and what we are not good at. We learned Self-acceptance and Self-love. There is a saying "Isusubo ko na lang ibibigay ko pa sayo." It describes how selfless we are mommies to our children. But not all the time we have to be like this. Why not share that food so both of you will be full. Sometimes we are judged for being selfish but it's not selfish, it's self-love. We have to love ourselves so we can give more to others.

From the kind of mom I am, it leads to a question WHO REALLY AM I? Activity #4. We write down our unique traits and how we share this to our family/friends. Our character is a non-measurable trait while our talent is the output. I like this tip Michele shared to us. The secret of marriage is know when to be a mom and know when to be a wife. This is also where we see if our output shows our true self or how are we in the roles we play.

After that, we had a short break and a little chat with other mommies before we resume to Activity #5, our last activity which is MINDFUL MOM. Mindfulness is the call to go back to essentials-sensory experience and breathing. You have to be present in the moment. Cease to overthink and do not compare yourselves with other moms. Choose your influences. Set your boundaries and saying no is needed. Know the things you can let go of and be true to who you are and your mom mission. These are pretty much things I learned from this Mindful Mom Retreat.

I really enjoyed this workshop. I said on one of my instagram post that I went to this event instead of spending time with my son which I left in Montalban. At first, I feel guilty but after this workshop, I realize that I should not.

I'm so glad to be in this event. I left my son with my mom and grandma in Montalban to have a little time for myself and I'm not feeling guilty. A while ago I am, but it's self love. We have to love ourself so we can give more time to others. This lovely masterpiece was styled by @oomphstyling #mindfulmom #mommymundo #mindfulmomretreat