I Still Believe In Hilot

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If you are a follower of this blog, you know that my mother is so old-fashioned she still apply it to my son, but this one I'm gonna tell you is really effective.

Hindi ko alam kung naniniwala ka sa "pilay" at "hilot" pero ako, I still believe in them. Let me share you my story. The first time we encounter this to my baby is when he's 8 months old. We brought him to the hospital due to high fever and swollen bite marks on his hands and legs. That was the worst feeling that mother can feel, to see their child in pain.

My baby was admitted to the hospital and done series of test to check if it's dengue. Luckily, hindi naman siya dengue. It's been 2 days but his fever doesn't go down. A visitor hold my baby's feet and said it's so cold, "may pilay yan, subukan niyong ipahilot" and then my parents did. They called their friend na manghihilot (practitioner).

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Kinapakapa ng manghihilot yung likod ng baby ko at alam niya agad kung saan yung pilay. She put a generous amount of baby oil on her hands then she gently massage my baby's back. It takes less than 15 minutes and applied oil on his feet, chest and forehead. I don't know what that means but they said, oil can prevent cold air to enter the baby's body. Weird right?

Just a few minutes after the "hilot" my baby's fever was gone and he's back from being playful. Hilot according to wikipedia is an ancient healing. It is a simple type of massage that originated in our country. Like other Asian Massage techniques, Hilot employs massage techniques using aromatherapy for ambience, massage oil or virgin coconut oil. Pilay is an injury caused by twisting. This is very common for babies since their bones are still soft. Sabi din ng matatanda, nagkakapilay din ang bata kapag mali ang karga.

The day after that, we were discharged from the hospital. Mga sumunod na buwan, nilagnat ulit ang baby ko at ang aming friendly manghihilot ang naging kasagutan namen para gumaling siya. I don't advice this to all my readers, I just wanna share my experience with you. It's pretty effective to us, and if you will think of it, old people don't have medicine or good doctors before but they survive it because of this old-fashion method of healing.

Sa ngayon, sobrang ok naman ang baby ko, no abnormalities, sobrang active and healthy. Don't attempt to do it on your own even it just a simple massage. Hindi naten alam baka lalong lumala lang. Manghihilot/practitioner are trained and has experience for that.

How about you mommy? Do you believe in hilot too? Share your experience and thoughts about it.

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  1. I know of many benefits of massage but I've never tried hilot.I think it can be considered alternative medicine and I'm glad you had a good experience with it.

  2. I also believe in hilot. When me and my sisters were still young,it was my lola na naghihilot sa amin. And very effective talaga pag may lagnat kami then madiscover na may pilay, pag hinilot gumagaling agad kami.

  3. I believe in hilot as well, even if hindi nananiniwala yung in laws ko XD

    Seriously though, hilot is a great alternative to having a whole lot of medical bills, as with my sister, when she was young(1 year old), she had her leg twisted to a bad angle and the hilot took great care of it. She now is an awesome runner and volleyball player. :)

  4. Yes I also believe in hilot. I have also tries hilot with dahon ng saging and its really effective. I've been seeing a lot of doctors regarding my terrible back pain, I have series of xray and medication but it doesn't ease the pain. When I tried hilot somehow it lessen the pain.

  5. I do believe in the healing powers of touch.

  6. I'm not a Mom but I believe in Hilot as well. There were instances when I was a little girl and I remember that my Mom would bring my brother & I to a manghihilot when we're sick and medicines don't seem to work.

  7. I'm not a mommy but I still believe in hilot. It's still widely practiced in y hometown. Hilot is also a good way to relieve minor aches and pains like muscle knots. My in-laws are also firm believers.

  8. In my uninformed opinion, whether it works or not depends on the circumstances and the skill of the one doing it. Personally, I have had good experiences already and also cases where nothing happened. When it comes to babies, being more 'maselan', then more care is needed.

  9. Like you, I also believe in hilot but when it comes to baby, I always consult the doctor because I don't want to risk anything. And not all manhihilot really knows how to do it. That is why it is important to get one that is trusted and isn't only doing it for the money.

  10. I believe in hilot too.. i grew up with this kind of practice kasi my mom used to bring us in a manghihilot when we were kids and she is still doing the same thin with my little brother or even for my nephews and nieces...kapag masama ang pakiramdam and nilalagnat... my dad will instantly assume na baka may bali at kailangan na ipahilot hehe! It is really effective actually

  11. There is power in touch. Massage, can be one intervention to alleviate pain because if done properly, it releases the feel good chemical (forgor the term) in our body. Thus, the rejuvenated feeling, leading to healing.

    Though I believe on hilot, but when applied to babies, we should proceed cautiously. Sonnie

  12. Hi, I'm not really a practitioner but I have a lot of experience with massage and 'hilot'. It's been 2004 since I've started doing it to all of my family members and relatives so I know a lot about pilay, lamig and the healing power of touch. Now, I have a baby and I always massage and 'hilot' him lalo na pag nabubukulan siya or nagkakafever. It's really effective. They get pilay from the way they are carried and nabubukulan sila while playing. Pag may bukol siya, I massage agad para di grabe ang swelling and hindi magbruise. Now, he loves massages and hilot. He's very active, playful and rare siyang magkalagnat or ubuhin. I also do it to my baby nephews and nieces and it's also effective and helpful. However, someone knowledgeable or an expert only should do it because if not,it can cause an injury to the baby. For moms, it's good to just touch them if you're too afraid to massage. The touch is still very soothing and it creates a stronger bond with the baby.

  13. Baka meron kayo kilala na may marunong mag healing hilot kase naipitan ata ako ng ugat (nerve) sa likod :( ang hirap gumalaw.

  14. Hello, I know this is an old post but I will still try my luck. I believe in hilot dahil ng bata ako naipitan ako ng ugat (nerve) sa likod ko... pag kahilot sakin nawala agad. Now, ganun uli yung feeling na ang hirap ako gumalaw, kahit leeg mo pag ginalaw mo may masakit sa likot na prang naiipit or nababanat na ugat. Baka po may kilala kayo na may healing hilot powers within QC. Thanks

  15. I am just curious. Pag may pilay ba ang baby, do they usually have fever? Or not necessarily? Kasi my son does not have fever, pero sinisipon sya. My in-laws would then say "baka may pilay sya, ipahilot na yan". But my son is still so active. Sinisipon lang talaga sya.

  16. I believe in hilot kindly give me where find or contact
    manghihilot.and address so i could consult I have a pilay sa kamay ko

  17. Hi! Can you please recomment a good manghihilot for babies thanks!

    1. Hi Marilyn! Wala po talaga akong mairerecommend pero try checking sa Quiapo po.


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