Our Barkada Newest Hang-out: Onboard + Gastro Pub & Night of Mystery Game Event

Me and my colleagues love to discover foods and restaurant if we have time and budget so last June 4th, in celebration of Michelle's birthday (our friend), we head off to Onboard + Gastro Pub. We enjoyed board games from our last Maginhawa food trip, which still in my backlogs (Yay!) so we decided to find similar place. The celebrant is craving for frappes, not the ordinary frappe but big ones so I search then I found this perfect place in facebook.

Before you enter this pub, they will inform you about the 3 house rules. I forgot the other house rule, but the other two rules are each person must order and unlimited use of games. Please excuse my friend's stolen shot. (hehehe :D ) They have a lot of board games to play with. I was surprised there are games for kids.


The place is pristine with minimal decoration. They maximize the place with tables and chairs. Board games pile on the wall for easier navigation. One thing I like is their staff. They are very approachable and accommodating. If you are having problem with the instructions of your board game, they have a gamemaster to help you.

They will give suggestion depends on the type of game you would like to play. Either mystery, suspense, mind games, survival etc. Siguro ang di ko lang nagustuhan ay medyo mainit yung lugar. Medyo medyo lang naman.


Let's move to their food. They have a long list of menu at sobrang hirap mamili. It took us a long time to order, good thing I've been reading some reviews of this place and choose to order what people usually order in this place.

Nacho Hai P399
BBQ Sticky Fingers P255
Ferrero Nutella Landslide Megamilkshake P365
Toffee Nut Cookie Dough Megamilkshake P295
Mega Apple Pie Megamilkshake P270
You will definitely love the Nacho Hai. Kakaiba siya sa nakagawiang nachos na mala Mexican ang dating. Etong Nacho Hai, may pagkajapanese ang style niya pero cheesy pa din. For megamilkshakes, if you are a sweet lover, sobrang magugustuhan mo to. Mine is Ferrero Nutella Lanslide, and I can say it is so sweet, I love everything in there. Medyo messy nga lang siya inumin dahil sa chocolate syrup kaya ingat ingat lang, but it's totally worth your money.



They have plenty of board games too at medyo nakaka alien sila sa paningin ko. Alam ko lang kasing board games are snake and ladder, scrabble and chess. My friends would like to play Dominion unfortunately, they don't have it so we tried to find similar one. I saw this board game and unfortunately, the game master don't know how to play this game.

The gamemaster suggested, Exploding Kitten instead (sorry I forgot to take a photo of it, I'm too busy taking photos of our food) however, we got excited with our food and decided to find another games.


Jenga is one of the most entertaining game we had. You have to get a piece except from the first three layer and stack it. The person who will make the tower fall will loose. You can choose what consequence or punishment for the loosing player. That machine at the bottom part has a timer and if you run out of time it will explode the pieces of wood. The player will loose.


Another game we also enjoyed is Tapple. One player draws a topic card, then starts the timer. The timer is the red hand at the middle. In the next ten seconds, that player must give a single word answer that fits within the topic, press down the letter key in a special electronic device that corresponds to the first letter of that word, and restart the timer. The loosing player will get the card. Whoever collects the most topic cards loose.

This game is much similar with Tapple but this has more difficulty topics and category. You can check this link for instructions http://www.quickwitscards.com/

Hoegaarden Beer P175
Well they also serve cocktails, beers and drinks. We played this drunken tower and being naughty we ordered a beer to excite the game. The Drunken Tower is like Jenga but those piece of woods has instructions on it. Either everyone will drink, you will drink twice or you and your friend at the right side will drink. It's a fun activity actually but we don't want to go home wasted.

We enjoyed this place and definitely will come back. If you want exciting games, Onboard + Gastro Pub created an event called NIGHT OF MYSTERY SOCIAL INTERACTIVE GAME. Night of Mystery is an interactive, social mystery game where you get to play a role and try to unravel the mystery that is about to happen. Mingle with other guests and players to gather clues, analyze the evidence and take a crack at solving the case.

Happening on June 22, 2016 6 PM - 9 PM at Onboard Game+Gastro Pub, Circuit Makati
Registration Fee: P500 per person, consumable for food and drinks
Deadline of Registration: June 20, 2016 : 8pm
Theme : 60's cockail party

Check the link above for more info. I hope you enjoyed my review. Please see the list of their menus down there.


  1. I have heard about this place but haven't tried it. The milkshakes looks crazy, crazy in the sense of too much load and sweets. I missed playing the games that they have there. I think that place is a great venue for barkada bonding.

  2. I love those kind of places ! Some board games bar, I feel the concept "new" or at least it's becoming more popular, it really gives a different taste of hanging out to bars and stuff. This one looks nice, I like the place according to your picture. I'd not really be into the food though (More like only beers haha) But in the middle of the afternoon, the megamlikshakes look sooo thick ! I'd die to taste one ! Haha

  3. Our family love board games so I started collecting board games for our bonding time but I would love to try new games, mukhang interesting ang Tapple.

  4. my friend has been buggin' me to check out this place. Near my place but still haven't. Thanks for sharin'.

  5. Nice place. My daughter and her friends are currently crazy over restos/cafes with boardgames (as if naman they don't own boardgames themselves, haha). I guess its the ambiance. The last time I chaperoned my daughter to a boardgame session it lasted till 2am! Will check this out since it is near our house.

  6. Is this in Makati? Its like Snacks and Ladder of Maginhawa Street, only that the milkshakes are like to die for. Iihihi. My boys would surely love to hang out here and so does the mother. IHihi. Thanks for the tip!

  7. I would love to try this place! And those milkshakes!! Grabeeeee ang tamis! Hehehe! And the nachos intrigued me! Hope to visit that place very very soon! :D

  8. I feel like their food prices icreased since their soft opening. I'm a fan of milkshakes too and anything sweet, so that will work for me. Kahit yun lang. Haha. Wish we could come back here soon since it's a stone's throw away from our place. Kaso baka hilahin lang ni baby ang board at tumilapon ang pieces. Haha.

  9. Oh wow, I would love to visit this place and spend time with friends. Mukhang maganda dito ah!

  10. Your post reminds me of my highschool barkada! And the milkshakes looks one of a kind ha! Halatang pinag isipan at ang laki! Will definitely order one kapag napunta kami dyan. :)

  11. I love quirky places! Though the dishes (especially the milkshakes) look good, it was the books and the games that had me sold!

  12. Heard of this place before pero main highlight really is the games you can play. This is a great alternative to sb and cbtl wherein you get to enjoy more time with your friends.

  13. I'm thinking of taking my friends to a board game place one of these days. I'm sure it will be a blast. Not familiar with Quick Wits, though, heehee, but I can't wait to check out the shelves for what they got. I think 500 per head is quite fair.

  14. More and more of these places are popping up and it's a good thing because now families have a better way to spend time together. This deters them from being on their gadgets constantly. I'd love to visit this place!

  15. I'd love to take my family here. We love board games. We can stay here for hours especially because of the food too. Those milkshakes look sinful! Haha!

  16. Oh my... that's a lot of board games! I kinda wanna go check them out.

  17. this place looks interesting. I think my boys will love it there. I will check them out soon.

  18. we've done this recently, and now we are getting to polish things for a staycation for barkada

  19. An obligation of appreciation is all together for the blog section amigo! Keep them coming...