An Hour Playday at Kidzoona Robinson's Galleria

When I'm still single and boredom strike, I usually go to the nearest malls to hang-out with my friends or boyfriend, watch movies, window shopping or eat in the restaurant. But when you become a parent, you will prioritize your kids need and it's awesome there are a lot of indoor playgrounds in today's generation.

One of the indoor fantasy park that is popular is Kidzoona. Last week we went there to let Prince play with other kids and enjoy the playground. One of my friend recommended this place, so we give it a try. The first indoor playground we tried is Powerville Shangrila which is good but has limited space.

The first thing you need to do once you entered Kidzoona, is to fill out the entrance application form. The rate is very reasonable, staff are accommodating, and place is well-cleaned.

Make sure to read rules and regulation before entering the play area. One thing you need to make sure is wear or bring socks because they don't allow shoes inside the recreation area. However, you can buy a pair of socks for P30 at the entrance desk.

Once you're paid, they will provide your receipt and entrance ticket. As you can see, everything is indicated in the ticket number. You will have a designated locker for your shoes. NOTE: Don't leave any valuable items inside the locker because it don't have any padlock. Anyone can access the locker so please be conscious of your things.

My son was so excited he walked straight to the ball pit. He enjoyed picking up and throwing the balls.

The place is spacious, sobrang daming kids, guardians and parents pero hindi siya mukhang crowded. Madali pa ding kumilos and madaming activities na pwedeng gawin.

May mahabang sofa sa gilid ng ball pit para may maupuan ang mga parents. Aside from ball pit, there are slides, air track for kids who loves to jump, play role town and educational toys. 

Giant Inflatable Slide
Inflatable Air Track

Role play town is pretty awesome, it has costumes and materials needed for each station. The staff frequently clean or setup the station if it's available and that's a thumbs up for me.

He seems very happy with his fireman uniform
Isn't it cute to see a little boy wearing adult uniform
There are a lot of toys to play with, educational toys, doll house and musical toys. Children and guardians will have a designated area to play with this.

 If your kid is already old enough to explore the area on his own, there is a lounge for parents to stay with. There is a drinking station too, you just need to ask for cups at entrance desk.

Overall I am satisfied with our experience and I recommend this place too for kids who wants to play and have fun. Click here to check if the nearest mall at your place has Kidzoona.

For group packages, go to this link and for admission tickets kindly click here. I hope you enjoyed my review. Stay tune for more review of play area around Metro Manila. Kidzoona is located at 4th floor of Robinson's Galleria.

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  1. Great review! I wish I had taken my kids there while I was in Manila. I hope you keep on with your reviews of kiddie places around Metro Manila. I really feel there's not enough reviews about these kinds of places sometimes!

  2. This looks like a very large indoor playground and I bet my daughter would also love to play in it. Thanks for sharing! We will check this put sometime soon.

  3. lovely playground, i suddenly miss my two niece ^^, true! when you are single you go to malls just to hang around but me sometimes i became a babysitter of two LOL! anyways thanks for sharing ^^

  4. Ok, this looks like a great place because it has lots of options of play area for the kids. Unlike other play area in malls where you have to pay 80 pesos for 20-30minutes of doing the same thing. =)

  5. Wow, love it! I love how they think of the parents, too. Similar places here that have similar rates don't have lockers, proper waiting areas, etc. I checked and there is a Kidzoona pala in Davao but it's in the South. Sana they open up another branch in the North!

  6. My office is just behind Galleria but I have never brought my son to Kidzoona yet. I've heard great feedback from my workmates, too, so hopefully, I would be able to find time to bring the little boy for a play. I usually bring him to Gymboree, though :)

  7. Kidzoona looks like a fun place ha! The good thing is accessible sya and it's in a mall so convenient!

  8. Oh, my son would love to play here! Ang baba ng rates nila. I wish makapunta din kami dito.

  9. We live near Robinsons Galleria, and we frequent this mall, but we haven't tried Kidzoona yet. That's because my son feels it's just for smaller kids. Glad to hear your son had fun.

  10. I've been hearing a lot of good things about this place although we haven't been there yet. I feel na ako yung mapapagod kasi sa kasusubaybay sa mga kids while inside haha.

  11. Any kid or even adult would fall in love and play with all those balls as well. Its nice to see you with you boy and really finding time despite the busy sked. I cant wait for Yael to grow up so we could play together, too.

  12. hey!!! the kiddo seems to really enjoy his time:)...even we have such play areas in Delhi, India but seems quite interesting would love to take my little one there :)Great post and review @allthatsmom