An Interactive Watercolor Class At Crafter's Marketplace

Crafter's Marketplace is very generous for sharing their knowledge in arts and craft. I've attended one of their workshop, the Polymer Art Clay Class and I couldn't be more excited when I was invited for Watercolor Class.

Our instructor Ian de Jesus, graduated Magna Cum Laude in Fine Arts at The University of the East taught us the different type of brushes on the first part of our workshop. I learned there are round brush, flat brush, angled brush, 3/4 brush, rigged brush use for signature, mop brush uses natural hair and a lot of different brushes we can use for watercolor. The most common brush are round brush. You can say it's a round brush if the head is being rounded towards the base and slimming down to a point at the tip. You may notice there are flat head which they call flat brush.

Watercolor usually uses big brushes to hold water. The most common watercolor palette in the Philippines is Faber Castell because it easily dry. However, once it dries you can reactivate again the watercolor.

Ian also showed us some artworks made from watercolor.

Did you know that Isaac Newton made the color wheel? Yes, he did. He used the color wheel to measure the distance of the stars.

Color wheel and the round brush
Another trivia, if you notice Faber Castell has three colors. It means red for kids or beginners, blue for hobbyist and gray for professional.

Let's move to our watercolor class. In this workshop, we used 5 materials. The watercolor, of course, brush, a piece of Oslo paper, mixing pallette and water.

The first activity we did is creating our own color wheel. We simply add colors according to what Ian instructed us to do. After that, we combined and connected the colors.

This is how it looks like. Mine was a disaster. So I took a photo of the other mommy blogger instead. She really did wonderfully.

Credit to Mommy Malot of
For the next activity, we taught different techniques. We learned wet on wet, wet on dry, graded and variegated washes and drip on point.

After learning techniques, we now applied it using the coloring book. Watercolor is so easy to do and one of its advantages is we can lighten or darken the color depending on how much water or pigment we put on. It's so easy to correct and layover mistakes.

We didn't finish coloring that cute turtle. We just make ourselves comfortable with watercolor. After that, we move to another activity wherein we made our own artwork.

Look at that! In just a few strokes you can create an artwork you can use for a postcard, or greeting card even a thank you card. I wish I knew this before. This can be a perfect thank you tag for Prince's 1st birthday.

This is also one of our activity. This time we used nature.

Lastly, we did a flower crown with our initials or name on it. Mine looks like a mess but I'm very proud I made something like this.

Our colorful mess
I won set of pens from Faber Castell. Thanks Faber. I will never run out of pens again.
Thank you Crafter's Marketplace for giving us a chance to learn the art of watercolor and for this cute black notebook with matching pen.

Check them on facebook, they have a lot of workshops happening every month. Let me end this post with our group picture.

Mommy bloggers, Ian and Miss Alma of Crafter's Marketplace.
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