Parent Town: An App For All Expecting And First Time Parents

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Being a first-time parent, I have a lot of questions, anxiety, and worries for my child. I guess all parents have this dilemma. Good thing in our generation, we have high-tech gadgets, application, and machines to reach out and communicate with others all around the world. One of great invention I encountered is Parent Town.

Parent Town is a mobile application compatible with Android and IOS phones, which has features and topics that can help not just parents but even pregnant and trying to conceive a child. Let me take you on a tour of this cool application.


1. This mobile application is FREE. You can download it in Google Play and App Store.
2. Parent town is user-friendly, even Titas of Manila will never have difficulty using this.
3. You can choose what topics you like and there are a lot of topics and discussion to choose from.
4. It has other features allow you to watch videos and share photos.
5. You can even post a question anonymously if you're not confident sharing your personal information.
6. Get an update straight to your email if someone replied to your question.


1. Needs a good internet to have an access to this application.
2. Notifications are bit delayed. I got a pop-up notification on my phone that someone liked the photo I posted but when I checked the notification tab, there's none. When I woke up the next morning, I checked again and my notifications were there.


Aside from problems with notification, I recommend this app to anyone. I wish I have this when I was still pregnant. Way back before, those days when I still have my little baby boy in my belly, I don't have close friends or millennial mom to ask for advice. I don't have any idea how this will work, what should I do, what are best for us, for him. So I rely on online articles, blogs, and my mother. This app can be your bestfriend. Experience is the best form of learning and it's good to learn from other's experience.

Download this app in Google Play for Android and in App Store for IOS

You can also log in to directly through Facebook or Gmail!
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