My Learnings at Smart Parenting Workshop: All About School Age Kids

It's my first Smart Parenting workshop and I feel really excited about this. Good thing, the venue is a few steps away from my office so after my graveyard shift, I went to Discovery Suites to register. I'm a bit early so I got time to roam around and check the booths.

Mommy Berlin of at Calpol booth
Cute pink photo op provided by Elica

Miniature products of Giant Carrier
Attendees got a chance to win an item from Giant Carrier spin a wheel game.

Discounted items at Tinybuds booth

Smart Parenting prepared so much for this event. Rain or shine, this workshop was pushed through.

The first talk was How to Raise a Creative Child conducted by Charry Mercado, a mom of two and education consultant for teens. She said that we parents, can't dictate our child's talent and ​every child can be very creative in their own way. There's so many ways we can do to enhance our kid's creativity.

Invest our child in quality good music. Instead of nursery songs try classical music when doing art/activity. Get a good teacher. Go easy on the criticism or advice, allow the child to explain his/her creation. Be your child's biggest fan and don't worry if they will not success in the eyes of the world, your journey is the reward.

Later that, Dr. Lyra Yamat of Elica discussed the first segment titled Skin Rash You Shouldn't Ignore, the eczema which is very common for babies and children . Eczema is a general term for a range of inflammatory skin conditions. It's not contagious and characterized by dry, itchy and red rashes.

Tips when your child has an eczema. Keep fingernails short. Avoid heat & sweating. Use physical sunscreens to avoid irritation. Use cold compressor/wet wraps. Avoid smoke, strong perfume or air fresheners. keep their skin covered. Rinse clothes well. Avoid fabric conditioner or strong detergents. Distract to forget itchiness, like read them bedtime stories. Keep drool and saliva away. Use light natural fibers like cotton/linen. Avoid scratchy materials.

I learned so much from this talk because one of my frustration right now is my son's skin. He has a lot of itchy red spots in his body and most of them leave dark marks which is unpleasant. We tried consulting it to different doctors but it won't go away so listening from the expert is an eye-opening.

The second segment was from financial adviser of Insular Life Maria Rosanna Sevilla spoke about How To Raise Money Smart Kids. We all agreed that kids should learn to manage their expenses and be money smart as early as they can. We can only do that, if we will apply it to ourselves. One technique is 70-20-10 principle (70% expenses, 20% savings, 10% tithes). Dividing your income will help you to budget and save money. Let me share additional tips I learned from the workshop.

1. When going to the mall, give them a budget. (Make sure to stick with the budget).
2. When visiting friends and relatives, grandparents usually give allowance. Encourage your child to save the gift instead of spending it.
3. During attendance in church activities, encourage charitable giving.
4. Give educational toys such as play money, toy cash registers, and monopoly.
5. Encourage entrepreneurship.

Former art director of Smart Parenting magazine Jen Inumerable-Suarez shared DIY tips and tricks for home art project. Her daughter loves making crafts and she shared how they bond together through art. We should encourage our child's creativity by making art materials available and accessible in our home. She taught us how to make DIY buntings using cupcake wrapper and 2D vegetables using carton and colored Japanese paper.

After we enjoyed DIY craft, we shift to another segment. Dr. Carmina Delos Reyes talked about fever-related dengue, symptoms, risk factors, and clinical course of dengue. Lastly, calligraphy artist and homeschooler Milona Barraca gave insight on how to know if homeschooling is for our child.

They always say that Home is the child's first school and parents are the child's best Teacher. The reasons of most parents why they homeschool their children is to give better quality education, religious reasons, and poor learning environment at school. Homeschooling puts us parents on the driver seat, takes change and sets the tone, mood and pace. Allows us our children to be free from pressure and family is the focal point of child's education. It aims to build a good character not just be academically educated but learn how to respect, be obedient, responsible and God-fearing.

Aside from informative talks, attendees went home with Smart Parenting loot bags, and raffle prizes. I won 50K life insurance from Insular Life. Thank you to all the people behind this workshop. I learned a lot in that one afternoon event and this definitely helped me with my parenting.