Cars 3 Review

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First time to do a review about a movie. Well, I'm very excited for this one because my son loves Cars at first time niya manuod ng movie sa cinema.

Magkahalong excitement at kaba ang nararamdaman namen ni husband. Kasi baka magwala siya sa loob or mainip. Alam niyo naman pag toddler, marunong ng magtantrums.

That was Sunday afternoon at pagdating namen ang daming tao. Yung available time slot na lang is 5 pm or last full show. So we bought tickets for 5 pm. Nagsnacks na lang muna kame while waiting.

At 4 pm, pumila na kame. Dahil sa dami ng tao we want to get the best seat and luckily kami yung pinakauna sa pila. While waiting, umorder na din kame ng popcorn.

Pagpasok namen super behave lang siya while eating popcorn. Akala ko matatakot siya sa mga trailer but he actually enjoyed it. Then nagstart na yung movie. At first he's very attentive but later on medyo nainip at inaantok na siya. Kaya medyo nagtantrums siya then nakatulog siya.
For the movie, well I watched Cars 1 and 2 several times and I super love the story of Cars 1. Unlike with Cars 2 medyo di ko siya gusto. I'm actually not expecting anything about the Cars 3. Gusto ko lang maexperience ni Prince manuod sa big screen.
I liked the plot of this movie. Maganda yung flow ng story. Kung di ka familiar, iisipin mong mas part 2 pa yung Cars 3 kasi as in connected na connected siya sa Cars 1. I like how they maintain yung attitude ni Lightning Mcqueen na aggressive pero may puso. I liked the new character and she actually represents most of the people. Someone who's afraid to follow her dreams because of doubt and fear. My favorite line in the movie is:
“This could be my last chance to give you your first chance.” –Lightning McQueen"
This scene really get me so emotional. Hindi ko napredict na ganun yung magiging ending ng story. Disney and Pixar really did a good job for making this film and bringing I guess papanuorin namen to ni Prince ng paulit ulit. It's a really good story and teaches us that we don't have to be afraid on chasing our dreams and if there's opportunity, grab it!

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