Playtime at Kidzoona Shangri-la

One of our go-to and I think popular indoor playground for kids is Kidzoona. Kidzooona is operated by Aeon Fantasy Group in the Philippines. It is an indoor park originally from Japan that is enjoyable and designed for kids and grown-ups to play together.

You need to fill out a form before entering the playground. It is self-service so just look for the desk to find the application form. After filling out, provide the form to the cashier and pay. Everyone will be advised to wear socks. You can avail their socks for ₱30.00 if you forgot to bring one.

The staff will give your locker number where you can put your shoes/slippers. Make sure don't leave your valuable things inside the locker because it doesn't have padlock.


Swim, dive and jump with your child! Playing in ball-pool help physical development of your child.


Kids love slide and they really enjoy sliding. Sliding can help in body balancing. Please guide and show sliding example, so that your child can slide down in straight position at faster pace. Yung last post ko ng Kidzoona hindi pa niya kayang umakyat dito mag-isa. Ngayon nakakaakyat at slide na siya mag-isa. My baby is big boy na.


Kids will learn how to use machines and operate it. Lift balls and put it on another place.


Kids will learn to use their imagination for creating figures using kinetic sand. They can create castle, starfish and other figures by molding it using the available tools.


Rolling in the wheels helps to strengthen child's body. For parents or guardians, make sure to push the wheel slowly.


Kids can act like a shop staff or a customer. This role play can help to communicate with your child more and use their imagination.


Build, create and explore using blocks and magnets. Have conversation with your child and motivate your child. It could help develop their ambition and creation.


 Let your kids jump and bounce. Helps to improve your child's physical development to build stonger body.


There are scheduled events here in Shangri-la and they allow everyone to participate. You can see here the growth of your child whenever they pay or communicate with different ages of friends. 

He's big boy na and happy to see him growing. He can interact with other kids, follow instructions and stay still. He's ready for school and I feel emotional thinking he will love to be with his friends than us :"( But it's a milestone we have to be proud of and can't wait for him to grow as a fine young boy. He's actually turning 3 years old this coming May and I'm interested on hosting his birthday at Kidzoona. I got a copy of their prices.

I'm surprised that it's not too expensive though I believe for this price di pa kasama ang food. You may contact them through their email address or call them through local (02)719-29-80 or (63)9778521250.

4th Floor 425-427 Shangri-La Plaza Mall Level, Mandaluyong, Luzon, Philippines
(02)719-29-80 or (63)9778521250