Prince Goes to KidZania Manila

So I'm back in blogging after months and months of being idle, I already got some power and motivation for writing again. I'm so sorry for being missing in action. I've been busy for almost a year because I went to a bootcamp and that is pretty intensive. I'm actually planning to talk about it here on my blog and yeah had a hard time to find an ample time to blog. So here I am coming back!

I'm going to tell you about our experience in Kidzania Manila, one of the popular establishment for kids and young adults. It's a realistic role-play experience through different expertise. They help bring authenticity to the kid-sized city, providing children with truly engaging activities and skills that kids can use in real life.

So first thing you need to do is to pay for your tickets like checking-in. You can book your tickets online through ticketworld or click here. I thought they had a promo when we went there but it will start on March so we were earlier sad to say. We paid ₱2,640 for 3 tickets. Check the pricing below:

They will give you wristbadge, your tickets and 50 KidZos cheque which your kid will use to participate in activity. There are activities where they can earn KidZos so this is really fun.

You know you're inside once you see this cute fountain. It's now time for some adventure.

We were told to exchange the cheque first before anything else so we look for the BPI bank. NOTE: Only kids are allowed to do that. Kaya sa mga parents diyan watch out especially for first timers. Wag kayong tutulad sakin. Hahaha :D

Look how happy my son and he thought they are real money. Make sure to get a map for first timers because there are a lot of establishments and they are a bit overwhelming.

2nd stop is Fire Station. Prince is quite obsessed being a fire fighter and I don't know why and that's fine. Like he watched Youtube videos mostly about fire fighter and when taking a bath he has this improvise fire hose and pretends like a fire fighter only we use bubbles as fire and he always want to see a fire truck. So we made this one on our top list.

One thing you need to check before falling in line is this board. Every establishment they have this. You need to check if your child is age appropriate for the activity and if your kid will earn or spend kidZos.

While waiting for his turn to be a fire fighter. Look at that cute outfit.

This is their setup and before they start they have this very quick photoshoot wearing a fire fighter outfit and my son looks he has no idea what he's doing hahaha :D. First part is a short introduction on what they'll do and what fire fighter does. Then someone will come and ask for help. So fire fighters will put their head gear and it's time to put out the fire.

He really enjoyed it from the start until the end and his face when he rode the fire truck is priceless. At first, I thought he's going to cry because he'll be doing it alone like no parents on the side so I was a bit worried but then he made it! I'm just so proud of him.

Our next stop is St. Luke's Medical Center, the hospital because he loves to be a doctor and he wants to ride an ambulance. There are 3 categories for hospital, they have performing surgery, taking care of babies, responding to emergencies.

Since he wants to ride an ambulance, we choose responding to emergencies or paramedic.

They had a short practice how paramedics respond to an emergency. My son was paramedic 4 which he will need to check if the injured person's airway is clear.

Now it's time to ride the ambulance and help someone in need. You can check what the little cutie paramedics did on the short video below.

Our third stop we decided to get him a KidZanian PaZZport. If we only knew there is something like this, kinuhanan na sana namen si Prince bago siya magactivity.

The process is very quick. The parents just need to fill out the form and pay for ₱250.00. Then picture taking for passport and voila, your kid is already a citizen of KidZania. Check the benefits of it by clicking here.

It really looks cute and your kid get stamps in each job he'll do.

On our fourth stop, we also got him an ATM. Kids lang pwede pumasok sa bank, then present the paZZport and give the KidZos, no need for sign up form and voila! Meron na siyang BPI KidZania ATM card. Very convenient to keep the hard earned money when doing the jobs and also kids will learn how real world works in terms of money.

Our 5th stop is airport. One of the thing he also wants to try is being a pilot. For this one, I was so worried because he'll need to enter the airplane area without parents. We can only watch him through the monitor. I prepared myself in case he cried inside but I am surprised when I saw him on the monitor and he looks having fun and like a real mini pilot.

This the monitor. There are 2 jobs for airport. Cabin crew training and pilot training.

I'm so proud of my son. Look at him up there, he looks serious at parang alam na alam ang ginagawa. I'm glad he didn't cry. He's beginning to be independent and that made me realize time really flies so fast and I have to seize every moment I have with him.

For our 6th stop, the last activity we had is the construction site. I'm happy everything seems going well for us. There's no tantrums or crying and he was just very happy everytime he earn KidZos and experience real jobs.

I feel bad for him because house building is closed that time and my son wants to deal with gravel and cement. So we choose the closer one which is house painting.

Look at that cute costume and he really enjoyed painting the wall though I can see it doesn't make sense to him because he sees yellow all over and he's painting it yellow again but the experience is what matters most.

There are so many establishments your child can join. One whole day is not enough to complete all of them. Here are some of the establishments:

There is even a parent zone who wants to feel comfortable while waiting.

We bought an ID lace and passport holder then customized it by adding his name on it. I bet he can use it for school. The id lace is ₱190.00 with passport holder and customized name on id lace is ₱25.00.

We also avail 3 x 6R photos of Prince as a souvenir.

We really had so much fun in Kidzania and definitely this will not be the last. Below is a video of our trip at KidZania Manila.


🌇 Make sure to arrive on their earliest time. On our case, we arrived at 12 pm at nakakahinayang kasi hindi namen namaximize yung time at binayad namen. So make sure to be early kasi hanggang 4 pm lang sila.
🌇 Plan your visit ahead of time. There are days na nakablock yung schedule nila so make sure to check their calendar or buy tickets online.
🌇 Kidzania will only allow 4 years old and above to join activities, below that age pwede lang sila sa toddler's area.
🌇 Get a KidZanian paZZport before joining activities dahil may stamps every establishment and extra kidZos (Kidzania money) every jobs done.
🌇 All the activity is for kids only so mga parents taga nuod lang talaga kayo dito so may tendency na mabore. Make sure to bring something like a book or anything to keep you entertained and there's parent lounge where you can stay.

KidZania Manila
Park Triangle, North 11th Avenue, 
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City, 
Metro Manila, Philippines