#Princediaries: First Day of School

Hi readers! Medyo late post na to but this still need to be part of this blog. Of course, this is another milestone for Prince so it's a must I blog this one. Anyway, I talked or blogged from my previous post which is List of Pre-School and Daycare in Mandaluyong with Tuition Fees, that I decided to enroll my son at Camp Start. They are practically new, just started last 2017 and one thing I like is, they teach progressive education. Progressive learning in early childhood education is now very common but expensive in most of private schools because unlike traditional approach, this focus on the students and how they can learn. Thus the focus is on raising critical thinkers and inquirers who are active rather than passive learners.

Another thing I like about it is they have 2 teachers and 2 assistant teachers for 20 students. So nasa 1:5 ratio kaya mas natutukan ang bagets.

My son's class will start at 1:30 PM until 3:30 PM. For the first 10 minutes, kids will have an ample time to play with their toys like Lego and building blocks and for the next 20 minutes they will have an activity mostly singing phonetic songs, alphabets, days in a week and more educational songs depending on their topic for that day.

This is him on his first day of school. Photo taken by his teacher and sent to me.

They have a lot of activities like creating a miniature Philippine Flag for celebrating Independence Day, coloring, sensory activities like molding clay, creating slimy jelly and a lot more which I am excited for the next few more days and months.

But of course, they are not only there to play. They are primarily there to learn but in a fun way. As of now my son can write his full name on the paper. Everytime they have writing activity in paper they are required to write their full name and it helped my son to practice writing it.

Another thing that always make him smile and happy are his very good stamps. I'm also glad they are doing that. Minsan pag ayaw sumunod ni Prince sakin, sinasabi ko sa kaniya "Sige ka, di ka na bibigyan ng very good ni teacher kasi di ka sumusunod" and he will immediately obey me.

So far, I'm a satisfied mom for my son's progress in school. It doesn't matter to me if he'll excel academically but what's important to me is he build a good characteristic or personality, mind his manner, be polite and kind while enjoying his time in school.

If you're interested and how their payment scheme, check the image below. I will add the the payment schemes for nursery and toddler class as well. *Disclaimer: Prices may be changed at any time without further notice.

I'm also happy they are promoting healthy snacks. They also provide all the materials they need for their activities. I don't have to rush myself for buying school supplies. On their first day, they also gave us the timeline of the events for the whole year and I am looking forward for the family day and his first field trip.

I hope you enjoy this review and will definitely blog the highlights of Prince's #campstartjourney.

Camp Start
614 Boni Ave, Mandaluyong