What I Learned At Smart Parenting Convention 2019

Last June 29, Smart Parenting added to the fun and rewarding experience of parenthood by holding its most-awaited event of the year, the ¨Smart Parenting Convention¨ at SM Megamall. The event was co-presented by Nido, powered by PLDT Home Fibr, with minor sponsors Jack ´n Jill, 3M Nexcare Products and Ariel.

I am lucky to be part of the media and get a chance to be part of this event. The Smart Parenting Convention this year has more than 70 concessionaires offering special discounts and bundles. Aside from games, raffle prizes and booth activities, three blocks were divided into topics to help parents in taking on their role, whether preparing for a baby, recovering from delivery, raising a toddler and many more.

Pregnancy and Baby Block

Since I am a bit late on the event I only had a chance to listen on the last topic of Pregnancy and Baby Block. I attended Baby Sleep Basics by Maria Campos Lopez. A corporate lawyer by profession, Mrs. Lopez´s journey towards being a sleep consultant began when her first child experienced sleep troubles. She believes sleep problems can be prevented by setting healthy sleeping habits early on and aims to educate herself further so she can help her future kids and other moms who may also be going through similar ordeals with their children.

Toddler Block

The Facts and the Curious: FAQs About Parenting Toddlers Answered by Experts. By Dr. Maria Josephine Yuson-Sunga, Dr. Francis Xavier M. Dimalanta and Teacher Tina Zamora. Here I learned that education at very young age is not necessary. What toddlers need is physical playtime to discover and explore their environment. They impose that we parents should not make a big deal of academic excellence but rather we needs to be focus on molding their character. Teacher Tina said that she would really recommend Progressive or Montessori approach of teaching for kids 4 and above because it lets them play while learning.

During q and a portion, one mother asked if it is normal that kids write letters in reverse. Dr Francis said it is normal for kids 6 years old and below but the mother´s child is already 7 years old so Dr Francis told her it needs already a consultation. I can relate to this because Prince sometimes write other letters like C and B in reverse and I got worried but hearing about this I feel relieved.

Early Signs of Autism Spectrum Disorder was discussed by Ms. Mona Magnu-Veluz who serves as the National President of the Autism Society Philippines.

Family Block

Why You Need a Marriage Makeover After Kids by Joy and Edric Mendoza. Edric Mendoza is the president of Homeschool Global, a learning organization that now has over 3,100 students across 30 countries. Joy is an author and awarded blogger who writes about the joys and challenges she experiences in marriage, parenting and homeschooling their five kids. In here, I learned that wives should know how to appreciate their husband instead of nagging what they lack of. This can help the husband to be motivated. For the husband, it is important to keep romanticizing their wives. They gave important advice how to make sure that fire of love will stay the same for the couples.

Digital Parenting by Dr. Michelle Alignay, RP, RGC which is a registered psychologist and registered guidance counselor, is a highly sought-after speaking, training consultant, and award-winning author who specializes in family life, parenting and relationships, and well-being. I learned that we parents won´t escape the fact that this generation is all about technology so she gave tips how parents maximize it with their kids in a good way.

How to Create a Home First Aid Kit by Patricia Cuasay Fruto, has an experience in the marketing industry and is a multi-awarded trade and brand marketer. Here she share how she make her own home first aid kit and how it gave her peace of mind knowing she have this in our house.

I got to see the 70 concessionaires who joined the Smart Parenting Convention. Here are some of the brands I like:

Lilo Smart GPS Watch. Good for tracking our kids and contacting them without using a cellular phone.

Smiles organic toothpaste. Very safe for our kids.

Playful Premium Wipes

Oopss Bags for Kids

Quack and Meow

Suu Balm


Here are the complete list of the brands that joined the event. I will definitely join their next convention. Follow them on facebook and instagram Smart Parenting Ph to receive updates for their next events.