Organic Blendz Essential Oils as Insect Repellent

I've been planning to get essential oils but I find them very expensive. But when it comes to health and safety, we parents will do everything we can to protect our family especially our kids. Due to dengue outbreak, we tried a lot of things to prevent it by applying insect repellent lotion, spraying mosquito repellent, and even using some patches. Call me paranoid but I have to make sure my son will not get bites from mosquitoes.

So I got an idea and reason to buy essential oils. I'd really like to buy the Young Living Starter Kit because I heard a lot of good reviews about it, but the kit is too expensive for me so I bought something similar but cheaper. They usually cost 8K-10K depending on where you'll be purchasing it.

I bought a diffuser through Lazada for ₱899.00. I'm happy for 3 free 10ml essential oils which are Lemon, Lavender and Tea Tree. They are fragrance oils. If you're interested to buy this, you can go to this link.


MRK Air Humidifier

Purchased: Lazada
Cost: ₱899.00

I super love this product. It's so easy to use, it looks elegant and it suits the color of our bookshelf. I never had any issue and the changing light in between is so cool and serves our dim light at night. For 7 days since we're using it, I noticed my son sleeps longer. His cold usually interrupts his sleep but when we started using this, he didn't have any trouble sleeping. I'll see if it'll continue for the next few weeks. The 3 free 10ml essential oils smell so good except lavender. I'm not saying it smells bad, but I don't see the effect unlike with the lemon and tea tree. Our room will fill its aroma.

Organic Blendz Lemon Eucalyptus

Purchased: Lazada
Cost: ₱500.00

I thought Citronella is the best insect repellent to shoo away mosquitoes but according to the seller, this is much better than Citronella. When I tried this oil, I noticed no more mosquitoes flying inside our room. The smell is quite strong but bearable. Not too bad but not as fragrant as you might expect. From the 3 free essential oils, I usually need like 5-10 drops to get the aroma that I like but with this, I just need 2-3 drops.

Organic Blendz Citronella

Purchased: Lazada
Cost: ₱350.00

Though the seller said on Lazada page that Lemon Eucalyptus will be the best insect repellent, I still want to invest for this. Why not? It's only cost ₱350.00 so why not try, right? Anyway, my husband actually didn't like the smell of this one. He said, it smells like a manzanilla oil. For me, yes the smell is so strong but it's not like my nose will itch if I smell it. I actually blend this with lemon eucalyptus and lemon fragrance oil so the aroma in our room will not be too strong. It's quite effective as well. I will recommend using it.

So there you go, I hope you enjoyed my review. I'm pretty sure I'll add more of this and might collect some of it because they are actually quite addictive. I'll probably buy something for soothing, relaxing, clears airway for breathing and lessen snoring. If you're interested, you can order this through Lazada. Take advantage of their discounts.